Surface Pro 4 Problems: How to Fix 21 Common Problems

Surface Pro 4 problems can make using Windows 10 for fun or making things very frustrating. We’ll show you how to fix Surface Pro 4 issues including a flickering screen and other annoying issues so you can get back to it.

The Surface Pro 4 looks like a tablet and has the heart of a laptop. This makes troubleshooting as difficult as a laptop or desktop computer. For example, to prevent the tablet from doing things you don’t want, you need to know where to find the right setting. The Surface Type Cover and Surface Pen add another layer of complexity. Sometimes they don’t work for reasons that aren’t clear.

How To Fix (New) Surface Pro 4 Screen Flickering Issues

If your Surface Pro 4’s screen is flickering after using it for half an hour or more, it may have a very serious problem that Microsoft cannot fix with a software update.

These screen flickering issues are so serious that thousands of Surface Pro 4 owners have reported the issue at: Flickergate.comA website dedicated to forcing Microsoft to recall broken computers. To see if your Surface Pro 4 is having issues, start it up and see if the screen flickers after 30 minutes of surfing the web, listening to music, or watching a video.

If its screen is flickering like the Surface Pro 4 in the video above, take your Surface Pro 4 to the nearest Microsoft Store for a replacement. Microsoft should offer you a replacement.

How to Stop Surface Pro 4 from Crashing

By far, one of the most annoying Surface Pro 4 problems is freezing. Some users report that their device crashes completely without warning.

When this happens, reset your Surface Pro 4 until your Surface Pro 4’s screen goes black. Press the power button to turn the device back on.

Driver updates have fixed this and a few Surface Pro 4 issues since launch. Go to the area in the app to check for updates.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Screen Rotation Issues

Some users are reporting that when they rotate the Surface Pro 4, Windows 10 does not rotate. When they try, nothing happens and the screen rotation lock button disappears from the Action Center.

If this happens to you, your Type Cover. The Rotation Lock button should reappear in the Action Center and Windows 10 should automatically spin again.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Windows Hello Issues

Windows Hello allows you to unlock your device with or without a password. Unfortunately, it can fail in poor lighting conditions or when it needs another scan of your face.

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To fix this and other Windows Hello Surface Pro 4 issues, open the app. Open Select. In the Login Options area, look for the Windows Hello button.

Try to find the angle your face is usually at when using your Surface Pro 4. If you have glasses, do a scan with your glasses on and off.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Type Cover Issues

Surface Pro 4’s Type Cover keyboard is sometimes unresponsive. If this happens to you, the . Now press and hold the power button on your Surface Pro until a shadow appears at the top of your screen. Drag that shadow down to turn it off. Restart your device and your Surface Pro 4 Type Cover issues should be resolved.

How to Fix Surface Pro Pen Issues

Erase your Surface Pen and pair it again with your Surface Pro 4 to fix connectivity issues that won’t allow you to write or draw in apps and programs. To use Must Be Mobile To learn how to Sync and Set Up a Surface Pen guide.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Camera Issues

Windows 10 won’t let you use the Camera app to take a photo when you have an app open that is using your camera. Close any apps that you’ve been using the camera for recently. Now try to open the Camera app again.

Microsoft will fix this issue with a free Windows 10 update in March or April 2018.

How to Stop Surface Pro 4 Screen Crashes

The Surface Pro 4 has a very, very nasty issue with the display driver crashing. The device will reboot the driver itself and will just appear to have been flashed for no reason to you. In our experience, this issue is caused by Microsoft’s Edge web browser. Try browsing the same site in Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.

Microsoft has released a firmware update to fix this issue. If it’s still happening to you, check for more updates inside the app.

Surface Pro 4 Won’t Boot/Stuck on Boot Screen

A firmware issue sometimes prevents the Surface Pro 4 from booting or starting up correctly when the Type Cover is attached and folded back.

Your Type Cover. Now press the button on your Surface Pro 4. It should start right away.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Apps Not Opening

If apps won’t open on your Surface Pro 4, try restarting it. Press and hold the power button until the shadow appears. Now drag that shadow to the bottom of your screen. Finally, turn your Surface Pro 4 back on.

If this persists, use Must Be Mobile How to Reset Windows 10 PC guide to reinstall Windows.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Blue Screen Issues

Some Surface Pro 4 users get a blue screen immediately after trying to wake their device from sleep mode. If this happens to you often, reset your Surface Pro 4.

A driver update fixed this issue. Check for more updates inside the app to make sure your device has the latest fixes.

How To Fix Surface Pro 4 Speaker Pop Issues

All Surface Pro 4 devices have a driver issue that causes their speakers to make a popping sound when you log in.

Microsoft has released a Surface Pro 4 firmware update that fixes this issue. Check for more updates within the app below

Why Can’t You Install Windows 7 on Surface Pro 4?

Microsoft designed the Surface Pro 4 to work with Windows 10. It is possible to install Windows 7. However, you can expect many software bugs that Microsoft cannot fix. Your Surface Pen and Windows Hello camera will not work with Windows 7.

Surface Pro 4 with Type Cover and Surface Pen.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Wake Up Issues

A dead battery or charging issue can cause many Surface Pro 4 problems. If it won’t turn on, make sure your Surface Pro 4 has a charge. Connect to power using the included charger. keep your finger on it. The screen should flicker. You should now see the Surface logo.

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If power and wake issues persist, consider sending your Surface Pro 4 in for service.

How To Fix Weak Wi-Fi Surface Pro 4 Issues

Some Surface Pro 4 users are reporting a drop in wireless connectivity without any explanation. If this is happening to your device, take it to your local Microsoft Store or device support. If your device is still under warranty, the company should offer a replacement.

Surface Pro 4 devices regularly have Bluetooth connectivity issues. To fix these, try turning your Bluetooth device off and on. If that doesn’t work, make sure Bluetooth is turned on by tapping or clicking the message bubble in the lower right corner of your screen. Look for the button. Tap the icon to turn the feature off. Tap again to turn it back on.

How to Fix Microsoft Edge Freezing Issues on Surface Pro 4

Cortana in Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft’s Edge web browser frequently crashes when the Windows 10 Anniversary Update is installed. Some users suggest removing any Edge extensions you added from the Windows Store to fix this issue. Must Be Mobile instead it recommends installing Google Chrome or Firefox for browsing.

How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Tablet Mode Issues

Your Surface Pro 4 can automatically enter and exit Tablet Mode when you put on the cover. If this is happening and you haven’t changed any settings, disconnect your Type Cover. Check the connector on the bottom of your Surface Pro 4 for dirt particles that prevent the cover from connecting reliably.

How To Fix Surface Pro 4 Low Storage Issues

If you regularly receive low storage warnings after your computer performs an upgrade, it’s time to use the built-in storage tool to start cleaning up extra files from Windows. Go to the app. Tap or click . Tap or click . Now tap or click the driver at the top of the window.

Windows 10 analyzes what’s taking up space on your device. You can choose to delete or move apps and programs by tapping or clicking on each.


How to Fix Surface Pro 4 Charging Issues

Surface Pro 4 comes with a power adapter with a USB plug to charge smartphones and tablets. While convenient, smartphones that require a lot of power will interfere with the adapter’s ability to charge your Surface Pro. Unplug the smartphone or tablet to fix the problem.

If there is nothing plugged into the adapter’s USB port, try unplugging the adapter from the electrical outlet and plugging it back in.

How to Fix Windows Insider Issues on Surface Pro 4

Windows Insiders get new features before anyone else. That doesn’t mean you should try these updates on your Surface Pro 4. These are often problematic and not fully featured. If you’re having problems, turn them off.

Open the application. Then tap or click at the bottom of the left menu. Open that field and select it.