Surface Pen Tips for Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3

Two things that come to define the Surface and Surface Pro tablets are a kickstand and colorful keyboard attachment. Both features are great – even on the Surface Pro 4 and Surface 3. There is a third feature that is found in almost every Surface. Efficiency assures powerhouse status. Today I am talking about the Surface Pen, with which every modern Surface device is compatible.

The Surface Pen, to be honest, started out as a little plastic gimmick. Originally a slightly updated Wacom Digital Pen, the first Surface Pens felt cheap, came in black and plugged into the power port that the Surface Pro came with at the time. Microsoft has kept this original stylus for two generations by switching to a refreshed, silver Surface Pen for the Surface Pro 3, which is less pressure sensitive and has better build quality. Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book launched the modern Surface Pen.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of the latest Surface Pen.

New Surface Pen Worth Upgrading

I never tire of telling people how the Surface Type Cover that came with the Surface Pro 4 is a huge improvement over Microsoft’s improvement for the Surface Pro 3. its immediate predecessor in several ways.

Surface Pro 4 Impressions (4)

First, it retains the action button found on the last-gen Surface Pen, but it also has an eraser cover so it feels a little more natural to erase. Second, the magnets inside mean you can store the stylus in the actual device instead of a ridiculous-looking loop that you’ll definitely lose in a few weeks. Third, it has interchangeable tips that allow users to create exactly the feel they are looking for. There are over 1,000 different pressure sensitivities with the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, but that’s not a feature that extends to the Surface 3 and Surface Pro 3.

Microsoft is selling the new Surface Pen for $59.99. Microsoft Store. For those with a Compatible Surface, the upgrade is well worth it. The Surface Pen comes in standard silver, black, blue and gold colors to match the current generation of Surface Type Covers. Why it doesn’t come up red is anyone’s guess.

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Surface Pen Button Keys

Surface Pro 4 Impressions (2)

The new Surface Pen only has two buttons, and all activities involve one or the other in some way.

The top button on the Surface Pen is purely for shortcuts. There is another button on the flat edge of the new Surface Pen. For right-clicking on items that you have already selected with the pen. OneNote uses this button to let you use the Lasso tool and select groups of content in your notebooks.

Use Surface Pen Shortcuts

surface application

Press the cap on the Surface Pen and you can go to scribble notes directly from a lock screen. That’s what Microsoft did for the Surface 3 and Surface Pen. Despite the addition of a new operating system to All Surfaces and the release of an updated version of OneNote, the company’s approach remains the same. Microsoft wants you to see the Surface Pen as a gateway to your device.

Press the Surface Pen’s eraser cap once and you can create a new OneNote entry. Press the cover twice and take a screenshot of what’s on your screen. Feel free to add notes to this screenshot as well. Press and hold the keycap for a few seconds and activate Cortana, the built-in personal assistant in Windows 10.

Download Surface App

How to Sync and Set Up a Surface Pen (8)

Download the Surface app on your device to better control how the Surface Pen behaves. The app includes options for adjusting the pressure sensitivity, as well as drop-down menus to decide what to do when each button is pressed.

The Surface App comes pre-installed on all Surface devices that support it.

Change Tips

surface pro pen nib set

For most people, the Surface Pen is an alternative to writing in a notebook or drawing on paper. Either way, it matters how the tip of the Surface Pen feels when rubbed against the screen. The right tip also plays a role in how comfortable a person feels about using the Surface Pen full time.

If you buy a Surface Pen, you get four different packs of tips to use with your Surface Pen. Use the end of the plastic holder they came in to carefully remove them and decide which one is best for you. If you’re a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book user who has a pen but no extra tips, consider purchasing a pack for your Surface Pen. They cost $10 from the Microsoft Store.

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Surface Pen Applications

Here are some great apps that show what Surface tablets and Surface Pen can do.

Good luck with your Surface and your Surface Pen.

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