SMS or voice spam on mobile: How to report using 33700

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Orange is a platform to combat voice and SMS spam, created at the initiative of mobile operators Bouygues Telecom and SFR, as well as professional associations and telecommunications operators. It’s a useful platform given the increasing number of SMS and voice spam reports since February 2015.

Hello, it is for parcel delivery, I do not have access to your address, please call me on 08 99 xx xx xx so that I can receive it.

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How to report a Spam SMS?

Once you get one, you can transfer it directly to the 33700, which will prompt you for the details to complete the report with a second SMS. You did a good job for yourself and others!

Report spam by voice

You have two methods for voice spam. The first of these is the report that is always sent to 33700 via SMS. Your message should include “spamvocal” followed by the spammer number. You will then receive a message confirming your report.

The second method is to go online directly to the 33700 site. You must enter your email address (to confirm the report), your phone number (where the spam was received), the date and time of the received voice spam and spam. origin number if you know.

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All reports are then forwarded to mobile operators, who will be interested in chasing these well-crafted scams, from which large numbers of people are still scammed. Go to 33700 site For more information and clarification on this mobile scourge that’s more current than ever. You’ll also find a handy reverse index tool to find out who these numbers belong to.

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