Smartphone rental: How does it work and is it really interesting?

No one would argue with us if we say that smartphone prices have increased significantly in recent years. Admittedly, the offer is bigger, which lowers the average price of a smartphone (especially thanks to the Chinese models), but prices for top-of-the-line models have skyrocketed: the iPhone X and Galaxy Note 8 cost the minimum, it’s crazy! At the same time, according to UFC Que Choisir, Only 11% of consumers are willing to pay more than 600 Euros for their smartphones. More generally, 50% of consumers do not want to spend more than 150 Euros for their smartphones. But the problem is that the price is increasing inexorably, even Chinese manufacturers have inflated their prices as their flagships are equipped with premium features such as OLED display.

Thus, a new consumption style emerged for a while. Smartphone rental, started by Free Mobile and followed by others, has met with some success. It offers not only financial but also many advantages. On the other hand, renting a smartphone comes with some restrictions that you should be prepared for. We have reviewed all of them for you. We are beautiful, aren’t we?

Smartphone rental: key benefits

If the subject of smartphone rental is being talked about more and more each day, it is because it offers many advantages to users. The first is financial, as it avoids spending several hundred euros at once. Some offers include insurance, the possibility of replacing a new model or replacing your smartphone on a very regular basis.

Rental costs only a few tens of euros per month

Conditions that can be disclosed: For example, we learned that Free Mobile is attempting to repair and then sell smartphones returned to the second-hand market. The oldest or less high-end smartphones are donated to charities like Emmaus.

smart phone rental

Some rental companies are much more flexible. For example, CIC Mobile Evolution does not require Apart from that, the smartphone turns on regardless of its status. Experts in the industry are also quite tolerant in this regard. Finally, if you ultimately want to keep your smartphone, this is a decision you have to make the moment you sign the contract. If you want to have an option, it would be better to choose a lease with option to purchase instead of a long-term lease. This last contract does not allow you to hold the smartphone in your hands.

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Renting your smartphone: not just operators!

As we explained above, there are roughly two types of smartphone rental companies. On the one hand, there are operators such as SFR or Free Mobile, and on the other, there are special services that are either owned by large distributors or are entirely dedicated to the rental of high-tech equipment.

You can rent your smartphone from your operator.

Today, there are three major operators that offer the possibility to rent their smartphones for the general public. pioneer Free Mobile, which launched its smartphone rental service few months after shaking up the telecom market with their first package.

At first, rental offers were quite marginal, but they have become more and more democratic. On premium models, Free offers rental rates of around €25 per month for Free subscribers and €30 per month for non-subscribers (or after a subscription expires). An initial payment of approximately 150 Euros is required. It also depends on the models.

Faced with the rise of smartphone rental, SFR has therefore decided to launch its own service. The operator in the red square has great power, it is being renewed. After a contract of only 4 months, a new model can be preferred on the condition of starting again with a commitment of 2 years. The prices are essentially the same as in Free Mobile and the return policies are just as strict.

rent a smartphone for free

Finally, among carriers, CIC Mobile offers the most flexible but also the most expensive if you don’t stick to your plan. Thus, we easily reach thirty euros. But the carrier’s flexibility in returns makes it the best offer for the most inexperienced users.

But you can also rent your smartphone from a specialist.

In addition to operators, some distributors have begun to offer rentals. first one Fast folding FNAC. The cultural goods distribution giant launched its rental offerings shortly after Free Mobile. FNAC has not only implemented this for smartphones, computers and tablets are also relevant.

Clearly, FNAC’s offerings are not among the most interesting. They are quite expensive and return policies are quite strict if not the worst. The most annoying thing about the FNAC offer is the very long delay before refreshing your smartphone. One of our readers, who preferred this offer, reported that he renewed his offer after 14 months. So over a year.

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Special service for Lokeo, Boulanger brands, it is more interesting to rent your smartphone. It ignores mobile subscriptions and offers very clear offers. A very high end model with a quality guarantee (fast after-sales service, breakage and theft guarantee, repair or replacement within 8 days) costs about thirty euros per month. The return conditions are quite flexible depending on the formulas.

lokeo smartphone rental

Finally, Uzit is definitely one of the most interesting services. Like Lokeo and FNAC, it offers rentals of smartphones and other high-tech products such as computers and even TVs. The latest models are available and rental prices are relatively attractive. For a smartphone, count around thirty euros, including all warranties, renewal after 18 months, and best of all quick replacement and all insurance. For more information on all the offers presented above, You can refer to the sites of various services. We will very quickly present you with a comparative table of the best offers for very high-end smartphones.

Conclusion: yes, it’s interesting to rent but not for everyone

The democratization of smartphone rental has not accelerated in vain. The offer deserves scrutiny in an industry where new models are coming out so fast and at higher prices than ever before. To be honest, renting isn’t for everyone. The target audience is clearly Users who like to be on the cutting edge of technology and renew regularly (much) smartphones without breaking the bank.

But be careful, you should carefully study each contract to choose the right offer and don’t hesitate to ask each rental company the details of their offer. beyond the price it is the included services that will make the difference, and especially return conditions. So it’s up to you to put things right before you decide. So, have you ever rented or plan to rent a smartphone?