Smartphone: 10 tips for saving when traveling abroad

You should take a look at these before you embark on a journey and rightly trust your smartphone’s omniscience. 10 tips that can save you from a nasty surprise when you get home: especially high bills. So you already know how to save your data: now our Tips for organizing and making the most of your stay in the best conditions!

ask your carrier

Although roaming in Europe is ancient history, there are still exceptions! Also, you can dare to venture outside the known parts of the old continent. Before hitting the road, plane or boat, ask your carrier. Let them know where you’re flying and check that you don’t risk incurring additional charges. As they say, caution is the mother of safety!

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Disable your mobile data

It’s hard to do without, but sometimes it’s just as beneficial for your phone bill as it is for your battery. why turn off your mobile data while taking a nap on the bus, subway or train ? Some applications may be running in the background even if you are not using them.

Close apps running in the background

Sometimes you don’t realize it, but some apps happily increase your mobile data consumption even if you didn’t want anything from them. It can also be recommended cut off mobile network access for these apps. Also check to see if they have located you, because geolocation also weighs the balance of your bill.

SIM card

Buy a local SIM card

If you’re planning to stay in a place for a while, don’t hesitate to consider getting a local SIM card. think first Unlock your smartphone with your carrier before you leave! This way you can enjoy a foreign SIM card on your device and stop worrying about your overseas consumption. With this trick, we better understand why there are more SIM cards in France than residents!

Check if you have a dual sim smartphone

Some phones can be fitted with two SIM cards. So you can insert a foreign SIM card with your old SIM. If you’re looking to buy a smartphone with this feature, explore our buying guide for the best dual SIM smartphones below:

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Don’t connect to the first public Wi-Fi network you find

Public Wi-Fi networks or hotel networks are regularly the target of hackers, who risk attacking your bank accounts and accounts on social networks. Even some hackers fWi-Fi networks with titles that look official to trick their victims. We can’t repeat it enough: don’t blindly trust public Wi-Fi networks.

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Save your route offline

An app like Google Maps lets you download an online map. To take advantage of this, you no longer have to use your 3G or 4G to find your way back to your hotel or beach when you don’t have access to a mobile connection or Wi-Fi network. And pretty good news for your mobile data consumption! Other apps can of course be used offline.

Use messaging apps over Wi-Fi

It is indeed possible to make audio or video calls through apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or Viber. Take advantage of your hotel nap to call your loved ones by phone. save your mobile data consumption.

Use Google Translate offline!

As with Google Maps, you can download information you need to enjoy offline. In practice, you can really Select a specific language to access later by clicking the arrow next to the language name. That way, you’ll always have access to an English to local translator, even when you’re offline! Want more tips for using Google Translate?

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Do not post your photos directly

Commemorative photos of our trips are often very tempting to share on social networks a few minutes or even seconds after taking them. If you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, no problem! But if you’re currently connected to your mobile network, instant sharing of your photos to Instagram or Facebook can quickly get expensive. Therefore, we recommend you Take your photos, save them to your device, to publish when you access a Wi-Fi network. If Instagram even allows you to keep drafts, it is to use it!

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