Set Animated Memoji as Your Mac User Profile on the Lock Screen

If you’ve tried your hands at Memoji on your iPhone and you like it, wouldn’t you like to also set an animated Memoji as your user profile picture on the Mac login screen? With macOS Monterey, you can create a Memoji user profile with different styles and facial expressions and use it to greet you on the Mac lock screen. Unlike a regular profile photo, the animated Memoji greets you with a wide smile and even compliments your frustration with tongue-in-cheek expressions when you enter the wrong password. If that sounds refreshing, let me show you how to make your Mac user profile an animated Memoji.

Make Your Mac User Profile An Animated Memoji

As for the requirements, Memoji supports any Mac running macOS Monterey or later. So as long as you rock the latest macOS iteration, you can use this brand new feature. Yes, no hardware restrictions. In the meantime, let’s take a look at the steps to set an animated Memoji as your Mac user profile picture on the lock screen.

1. First, apple menu icon Select in the upper left corner of the screen and System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

2. Now, click your profile photo In the upper left corner of the “System Preferences” window.

Set Animated Memoji as Your Mac User Profile on the Lock Screen

As an alternaive, “Users and Groups” From System Preferences, select the current user in the left sidebar and hover the cursor over your current profile photo. Then, “EditPress the ” button to replace your current user profile picture with an animated Memoji on your Mac.

Click edit in your Mac user profile

4. After that, make sure to select it. Memoji option in the left sidebar and click on one of the available Memojis. You can also create a new Memoji from scratch if you want. To do this, Click the “+” button in the right pane.

Click the plus button in System Preferences on Mac

5. Choose a Memoji and customize it using a multitude of features, including skin, hairstyle, eyes, beard, headgear, clothing and more. When you’re happy with the look of your Memoji, “Completed below right corner of the screen.

Create animated Memoji profile on Mac

6. After selecting an animated Memoji, click “Save” To save the Mac user profile picture change. Before doing that, don’t forget to double-check how the Memoji will appear on the lock screen below the left sidebar.

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Make an animated Mac user profile

7. And here you go! Your animated Memoji user profile is now ready to welcome you on the Mac lock screen. To check how it looks on the lock screen apple menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Next, select Lock screen.

Animated Memoji as a Mac User Profile

note: In some cases you may need to restart your Mac (Apple menu -> Restart) for the newly created Mac user profile to take effect.

Make Animated Memoji Your User Profile on macOS Monterey or later

So you can add some fun elements to your Mac user profile using Apple’s Memojis. While it’s not a headline feature like Quick Notes, Digital Legacy, or iCloud Account Recovery, it’s definitely a feature worth including in the latest macOS iteration. Especially for people who prefer more customization on their hands. Anyway, do you find the animated Memoji user profile interesting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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