RMC Sport: How to subscribe to the channel in Orange, Free, Bouygues and SFR?

The RMC Sport package consists of 18 channels. RMC Sport 1 specializes in special Champions League and Europa League matches, as well as English and Portuguese championships. Although Canal+ has taken over the rights to the Premier League, an agreement between the two companies allows RMC Sport to broadcast the English championship together. RMC Sport 2 focuses more on rugby, basketball and athletics, RMC Sport 3 on extreme sports and RMC Sport 4 on combat sports. The offer was completed by RMC Sport UHD 1, a channel specializing in 4K broadcasting, and RMC Sport News, the new name of BFM Sport. And 12 channels to follow live meetings.

RMC Sport is available by subscription: SFR offers its subscribers as an option for 9 Euros per month, for others 19 Euros per month with commitment (or 25 Euros per month without commitment). It will eventually be available from all operators, including RMC Sport, Orange, Free and Bouygues, but negotiations have been inconclusive due to the amount demanded by SFR. The only third party operators that offer the channel (via satellite) are Canal (full subscription) and Francet. Fortunately, if you’re on Orange, Free or Bouygues and don’t want to switch to SFR, there is a cheat.

How to subscribe to RMC Sport when not in SFR?

Even if you are not in SFR, there are several options for subscribing to RMC Sport and watching 18 channels of the bouquet on your TV:

Via Connect TV box

Undoubtedly the simplest option, if not the most economical. SFR indeed provides a box that allows you to look at its bouquet and subscribe to RMC Sport even if you are with another operator. The box is billed as 69 Euros including tax. The procedure is very simple:

  • Go to an SFR store and request a Connect TV
  • Connect to your TV at home
  • Subscribe to RMC Sport and enjoy the channels!

Via the RMC Sport app on Android TV and Apple TV

It is also possible to watch RMC Sport channels directly from your Smart TV or Android TV compatible box and Apple TV. In both cases the procedure is very similar:

  • From device go to: Google Play store or App Store
  • Install RMC Sport and launch the app
  • Subscribe if you haven’t enjoyed the channels yet
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Via RMC Sport mobile app and Google Chromecast

Another option if you have a smartphone and a Google Chromecast is to install RMC Sport on your smartphone and cast it from your mobile phone to your television via Chromecast. For him:

  • Install and open RMC Sport on your smartphone
  • Stream live video to your TV

Subscribe to RMC Sport when you become an SFR customer

Inevitably, it is much simpler and cheaper. For SFR customers (internet and mobile box), the subscription fee is only 9 euros per month compared to 25 euros since August 2019. To subscribe you need to go to the RMC Sport app or site on a tablet, smartphone or PC, or directly its internet box for those who have the opportunity. Here is the channel number on an SFR box:

  • RMC Sport 1: 31
  • RMC Sport 2: 32
  • RMC Sport 3:33
  • RMC Sport 4: 34
  • RMC Sports News: 35
  • RMC Sport UHD 1:36

RMC Sport available for CanalSat subscribers

It should be noted that for the time being, Canal+ and Altice have reached an agreement for the distribution of RMC Sport channels, but only for CanalSat. Subscribers to this offer can therefore easily enjoy Champions League matches. This no longer represents the majority of Channel subscribers today, but it’s still better than nothing. There is no preferential rate, this way you have to pay 19 Euros to subscribe to the bouquet.

Have you subscribed to RMC Sport? Share your feedback in the comments to this article and feel free to suggest new ways we might not have thought of!

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