Resetting Your Xbox One

Xbox One is a pretty advanced piece of technology. Every day, millions of users turn on their Xbox One to play video games. At any given time, thousands of people are streaming videos from YouTube or Netflix and listening to songs via Xbox Music. Xbox One stands for the all-in-one, futuristic entertainment system we all dreamed of in the heyday of Xbox 360. However, all these features come at a cost. Xbox One is also a complicated thing and sometimes things go wrong. When an app freezes or a feature stops working, it’s time to do a reset. You need to know how to reset your Xbox One.

Before continuing with this tutorial, it is absolutely essential that you understand the different types of resets and different power options for Xbox One.

A is when you manually trigger a full reboot of the Xbox One via a hardware or software button. When you do a hard reset, it’s usually because you’re having an issue with an app or service on Xbox One that should be working properly. There is an option to reset the Xbox One in the Settings app. Think of this option as the Restart button. In fact, there’s a Restart Now button in the Xbox One Settings app for that too.

It’s for when something goes seriously wrong with your Xbox One, or when you plan to sell it to someone else that you don’t want to give access to your games, content, and Netflix account. A hard reset is great for fixing an app, but a factory reset erases everything and everything on your console. That’s why you definitely want to stay away from factory outlets if possible.

Xbox One has three power states. First there is the open power state. This is what happens when you use your console in any way. The second is a completely off power state. Most users don’t know this, but chances are they never completely shut down their Xbox One. Instead of going into a completely off power state by default, the Xbox goes into a standby mode. It’s this mode that lets the Xbox One hear you when you say “Xbox, On”. This is how your game updates are downloaded as well. When you do a hard reset, you send your Xbox One to a completely off power state so it can reboot from scratch.

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Let’s start.

Factory Restore

By saying “Xbox, On” or by pressing the Guide button on your remote.

how to restart xbox one (9)

Open the space with your controller or say “Go to My Xbox Games & Apps”.

how to restart xbox one (1)

Say “Applications” or use the joystick on your Xbox One controller to select from the leftmost menu and select Applications.

how to restart xbox one (2)

Now swipe right until you see the app. If you have a Kinect 2 sensor, say “Go to Xbox Settings”.

how to restart xbox one (4)

Welcome to the Settings app. Swipe right and if you’re using a Kinect sensor, just say “System”.

how to restart xbox one (5)

Use your remote to select or say “Restore Factory Defaults”.

how to restart xbox one (6)

Now select from the popup window.

how to restart xbox one (7)

Again this is what is described as a factory restore. This option should only be used to delete everything on your system.

Hard Reset

There are two ways to hard reset your Xbox One.

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The first way is to hold your finger over the glowing Xbox logo on the front of your console. After a while, the system will be completely reset. Note that if you are managing Xbox One, you may need to turn your TV back on.

Again the second way is to go to the Power & Startup menu in the Settings app

Good luck resolving any issues you’re having with your Xbox One. Chances are if it’s something easily fixable, a hard reset will get it working again. If you’re playing a video game, don’t forget to hit the save button or you may lose your progress. If you’re still having problems after a hard reset or factory restore, it’s time to contact Microsoft’s Xbox Support. They are available online, on Twitter, or by phone.