Remotely Control a Chromebook from Another Computer

Chromebooks do not require much troubleshooting as they have a lightweight operating system that is easy to use. Still, as Chromebooks are popular with students and kids, things can go awry and you might need to fix some issues once in a while. So, if you are looking for a way to remotely control a Chromebook from another computer such as a Windows 10, Mac, or Linux PC, this guide will assist you in setting up Chrome Remote Desktop. On this note, let’s review the guide and learn the instructions.

Remotely Control Chromebook from Windows 10, Mac or Linux PC (2021)

While the guide is about remotely controlling a Chromebook from a computer running a different operating system than Chrome OS, you can also use the steps listed below for a Chromebook to Chromebook connection. Having said all that, let’s move on to the steps.

1. First of all, Chrome Remote Desktop extension (free) on both your Chromebook and your computer – be it Windows 10, macOS or Linux.

2. After that, open Chrome Remote Desktop Web page on your computer and sign in with your Google account. Next, “Accept and Install” to download a host setup file (MSI). Except for the extension, this setup is required if you want to remotely control a Chromebook from a Windows PC.

Remotely Control a Chromebook from Another Computer (2021)

3. Now, Download the MSI file on your Windows PC and you’re almost there.

Remotely Control a Chromebook from Another Computer (2021)

4. Next, go back to the Chromebook and open the same Chrome Remote Desktop Web page. Since you are already signed in to your Google account here, “Generate your codeThe button under the ‘Share this screen’ section. It will present you with a 12 digit code that will expire automatically in 5 minutes.

Remotely Control a Chromebook from Another Computer (2021)

note: Do not share this code with anyone, as notorious actors can remotely control your Chromebook and access your private data.

5. Now, on your Windows computer, scroll down and Enter the access code from the above step. After that, press the “Connect” button.

Remotely Control Chromebook From Another Computer (2021) - chrome remote desktop

6. Next, you will see a prompt on your Chrome Os device. Verify the email id and click “Share” to allow the other computer to remotely control your Chromebook.

share screen - chrome remote desktop

7. In a few seconds, your Chromebook screen will be ready to be accessed from your Windows PC. Now you can navigate the entire operating system and perform any action you want. What is striking here is that works super well with almost zero lag. The remote connection of the Chromebook also supports keyboard input from Windows 10 PCs, which is quite useful.

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Chromebook screen on windows computer - chrome remote desktop

8. If you want to disconnect the remote connection on the end of the Chromebook, open the Quick Settings panel from the bottom right and click Click “Stop”. At the end of your PC, you can close the tab to end the session.

stop remote connection

Set up Chrome Remote Desktop Easily!

So you can remotely control a Chromebook from another Chromebook or from a Windows, macOS or Linux computer. As I mentioned above, Chrome Remote Desktop supports all major platforms, so you can quickly install and fix it right away.

Anyway, that’s it for us. If you want to take advantage of Chrome OS’s many new features like Phone Center and Parental Controls, follow our linked guides for more information. Besides that, Chromebooks have the Android 11 update so you can check if your Chrome OS device is eligible for the update. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment section below.