Qwerty in Azerty: how to change your keyboard language

Having to type in a keyboard language that is not ours is an extremely frustrating experience. On a smartphone, a virtual Qwerty keyboard deprives you of all French-specific special characters, including accented vowels or c cedilla, but a few examples. On the PC, however, it happens that the keyboard is in English by default during Windows installation, or it switches to the keyboard after an accidental manipulation. In every situation, Switching from Qwerty keyboard to Azerty keyboard It is not complicated in itself.

How to embed your Qwerty keyboard in Azerty on your mobile?

Let’s start with the transition from Qwerty to Azerty on an Android smartphone. Or vice versa for those who want to switch from French to English.

  • Open the virtual keyboard by accessing any application (SMS, WhatsApp, etc.) with an input field.
  • At the bottom, next to the spacebar, tap the icon repeatedly with a globe Until “French” or “English” is displayed in the space bar, depending on whether you want to switch from Qwerty to Azerty or from Azerty to Azerty.
  • Alternatively, you can long press the space bar and then select your preferred language.

Switch from Qwerty to Azerty on Windows computer

As it is very common for keyboard language issue to occur on PC, here is how to fix it. To change the keyboard from Qwerty to Azerty, you have two options:

  • If the keyboard is currently in English, click ENG to the right of the taskbar, right next to the date and time, then select FRA from the drop-down list.
  • Alternatively, you can use one of the following shortcuts to switch between languages ​​until EN is selected: Shift+Alt Gr or Shift+Alt; Alt+Shift

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