PS4, PS5: How to make hidden trophies visible?

The trophy system is a clever invention. Artificially prolongs the life of a game by exploiting the arrogance of the player. The principle is simple: In addition to the goal found in the game’s scenario (saving a princess, saving the planet if not the galaxy, expelling a tyrant, finding cute little cats or making delicious candies), achievements give you additional and optional goals.

Some are obtained when you continue your game. Others are obtained by performing certain actions. Jump a certain number of times on an enemy’s head. Get a certain amount of money. Find all treasures of a certain type. etc. Obviously some are more difficult to obtain than others.

Take, for example, Spider-Man Miles Morales on PlayStation 5. There is ” rhino rodeo “A trophy in history obtained after defeating Rhino. There is ” this is just the beginning » is an achievement trophy that you get by unlocking all skills. Or ” A gift from Pete this is obtained if you receive a gift from Peter Parker. etc

cache trophy tutorial ps5 1

Trophies are thus divided into four categories: bronze, easiest, silver, not so easy, and gold, quite difficult (or even very difficult for some). The fourth category is platinum “. This is the holy grail of the hardcore player. A game’s platinum trophy is fairly simply obtained by unlocking all the game’s other trophies. Also in Miles Morales 50 trophies : 37 bronze, 10 silver, 2 gold and finally platinum.

To make things a little more complicated, developers are increasingly using the hidden trophy method. What is this ? A trophy you don’t know how to get. You see them in the list of trophies to obtain, but their logo is grayed out and their purpose is not listed.

To continue our example, 50 Spider-Man Miles Morales mugs, 21 secret. Some make sense, like under their noses this is achieved by closing all of Roxxon’s labs. Others a little less,” Piercing Pixels this is achieved by performing a Magnificent in a Spider Training battle challenge. And others are downright capillotated (fortunately, that’s not the case in our case).

For this reason, some players’ last missing trophies in a completed game, especially ” platinum “. But asking for a mug without knowing where to look is a real waste of time. That’s why Sony has implemented a new feature that lets you reveal a hidden mug. That’s the whole point of this tutorial: to teach you how to discover them and finally get them.

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Note that there are several methods. Console two (PS5 Where PS4), with asmartphone app (Android and iOS) and a a web browser, on the PlayStation portal (accessible from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc.). We will discuss them all to let you choose the method. Some will indeed prefer to look at the conditions for obtaining a trophy directly from the console, while others will prefer not to exit the game and look at the information on a second screen.

The method on PlayStation 5

Let’s start with Sony’s new console. If you haven’t done so already (or if you haven’t set up the automatic installation of updates), you’ll need to be connected to the PlayStation Network and therefore install the latest version of the console’s firmware.

  • If you are in the main console menu, meeting in your profile.
  • This can be accessed by going to your gamer avatar in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • To choose trophy list

ps5 cache reward tutorial 2
  • Movement The cursor in the game where you want to reveal a hidden trophy
  • To choose after trophy card

cache trophy tutorial ps5 3
  • print over to go past to enter the detailed trophy page
  • print over Choice to view information.

cache trophy tutorial ps5 4
  • It hides again when leaving the trophy map.

The method on PlayStation 4

Let’s continue with Sony’s previous console. Also here you need to be connected to the PlayStation Network and therefore have the latest version of the console’s firmware installed. If not, the console will prompt you to download and install it.

cache trophy tutorial ps4 1
  • Meeting top of the trophy list. Two methods for this.
  • The first is the fastest. On the home screen (above), next to your profile iconThat’s your trophies.
  • Click To access the game list
  • choose what interests you and print over to go past to get his trophy list.

cache trophy tutorial ps4 3
  • The second method is go through profile
  • From the PS4 home screen, movement up to your profile icon
  • print over to go past to view your information
cache trophy tutorial ps4 2
  • to get down cursor Games.
  • print right and scroll through the game icons until you find the one you want
  • print over to go past to view the trophy list.

cache trophy tutorial ps4 4
  • When the trophy list for a game is displayed, emphasize the person you are interested in
  • print over to go past to view detailed information

cache trophy tutorial ps4 5
  • print Then Square to reveal the details of the hidden trophy.

Method in PlayStation App (Android and iOS)

The third method uses your smartphone. There is no difference between iOS and Android as the application we use here is the same on both operating systems.

  • download Playstation App in AppStore or Play Store
  • open it and log in to your PlayStation account
android cache mug tutorial 1
  • first tab actor » shows Last Event
  • If the trophy you’re looking for is part of a recently played game, faucet in his trophies
cache trophy tutorial android 2
  • On the other hand, faucet in your player icon
  • back then faucet in your list of trophies won
cache mug tutorial ios 1
  • you arrive on full list of games the one you play (PS5, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita)
  • to find wanted trophy game and faucet above
ios 2 cache reward tutorial
  • to find the masquerade mug that interests you and faucet also on
  • Faucet over ” Show hidden information » to get the description
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This app therefore provides access to trophies, but also to the entire PlayStation universe: the official blog, PlayStation Store, games library (with the possibility to download a game directly to a PS4, a PS4 Pro or a PS5), send a message to a Party or responding to friend requests. A great companion for all PlayStation gamers.

The method on the web (My.PlayStation.Com)

This method is useful if you don’t have access to your smartphone or console. All it takes is a simple web browser to do this. We tested it with Chrome, Safari and Edge. But Firefox or Opera also do the trick.

web cache reward tutorial 1
  • Meeting at the address
  • sign in to your PlayStation account
  • for him Click on the button bond

web cache reward tutorial 2
  • come in your username and password
  • Once in your account, Click on the tab mugs

web cache reward tutorial 3
  • To choose the game you want to reveal your trophy
  • click button” show confidential information “.

web cache reward tutorial 4

web cache reward tutorial 5
  • If you close the window, the lens will be hidden again.

Of course, remember that the web is full of websites that help you find your missing targets without having to delve into the hidden loot of your account. There are even ones that let you monitor your progress. one of the best known