Phone dropped in water: what to do to fix it?

When our smartphone gets water, then it’s not always a bit of hysteria!). We hurriedly try anything and everything, hoping to save our poor drowned smartphone. Since we are good at Moyens I/O, we prepared a kind. emergency guide in case your smartphone drowns.

After all, not all of us are lucky enough to have a high-end, high-end IP68 certified smartphone. Moreover, the latter remains vulnerable, allowing the pressure of the water to leak, despite the certification. Explore our dossier on IP 67/68 standards to learn more.

How to Save Your Phone Dropped in Water?

You should be able to save the life of your smartphone by following these few steps. But be careful, the method only works on devices that have easy access to the battery and circuits and therefore have a removable back cover. Yes, it’s rare in 2021, but there are still some. Here is the procedure to follow:

  1. Take the device out of the water immediately! Yes it seems logical, but sometimes some users who panic tend to do something small and don’t have to have that initial reflex.
  2. Remove the battery as soon as possible so as not to burn everything. If possible, of course, they can no longer be removed on recent smartphones. Fear not, you do not risk giving us a “Claude François”. Do the same for the SIM card and SD card.
  3. sponge as much as possible With your emergency first aid kit, namely paper towels and cotton buds for the smallest corners.
  4. Put your smartphone in a food bag with rice. You can also add silica gel bags. Do not forget to remove the air from the bag. Rice and Silica Gel will absorb all the moisture.
  5. Wait 48 to 72 hours before reopening the bag.. The longer you wait, the better. Open the bag and check if everything is dry. Restart the machine to check that the smartphone is working properly.

This method has been proven, but does not provide 100% recovery of the smartphone. It works for water. Do not try to do the same if, for example, it has fallen into milk (yes, some have already done it) or any alcoholic or sugary beverage. The rice method works just as well on your laptop as it does on your smartphone or any electronic device.

Finally, even if the smartphone seems to be working fine, remember this: traces of oxidation will inevitably remain on the device. His life will be much shorter than if nothing had happened to him. If you are one of the most clumsy users, it is better to invest in a waterproof smartphone to limit breakage for the same.

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As a result, we will remember that water is not the only danger for our smartphones this summer. When temperatures get a little too high, your smartphone runs the risk of overheating in the sun. To prevent permanent damage, we also have some tips to prevent this from happening.