Nvidia Shield Android TV: How to wirelessly transfer files from PC

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1 – Download TeamViewer on your PC and Android TV

We will use Teamviewer app to transfer files successfully. You will need to download it on both devices.

  • PC version can be found here. It’s very easy to set up and doesn’t require you to create an account (even if we suggest you do).
  • for Android version “TeamViewer Quick Support” Click the button just below. Make sure to select your Android TV before installing.

teamviewer fast support google play store

2 – Launch both apps

team viewer quick support

Now launch the app on your Android TV. It should show an “ID” that you should copy into the “Partner ID” field in the PC app. Then return to the Android application to authorize the connection.

team viewer android pc

3 – Share and manage your files

Voila, your two devices are now connected via TeamViewer! Note that in this case the remote control will not work, your Android TV’s interface will share the screen (a bit like Skype).

teamviewer remote control shield android tv

Regarding file sharing between two devices, simply click on the “file transfer” option in the upper left corner of the interface. Then the files on your PC and the files on your Android TV will be side by side. All you have to do is “drag and drop” files wherever you want and it works either way !

nvidia shield android tv transfer file

It is also possible to have an overview of the status of your Nvidia Shield Android TV with some important information about internal memory or CPU and RAM usage. Moreover manage apps installed on the boxconvenient to remove them from computer.

nvidia shield android tv file sharing
nvidia shield android tv app team viewer

Now you can enjoy your photos, videos and music On the living room TV, for example, with the latest version of the Kodi app without having to stream via a hard drive or USB key. It’s hard to go back after trying it once!

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