Moving Samsung Galaxy S4 Apps to SD Card After Update

Verizon and AT&T have released an update that allows users to move apps from internal storage to an external micro SD card that the user can install by opening the back cover of their device. This could potentially free up some storage space on the very limited internal storage available.

Before explaining how to do this, let’s make one thing clear: users can move apps, but a lot of data stored in internal storage should stay there. We verified this by moving the Amazon Kindle app from the internal storage of the AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 to the 32GB micro SD card. then we used ES File Explorer to copy downloaded books from internal storage to card. We ran the Kindle app and looked for books on the device and found nothing listed.

Some applications require the user to change the data directory. We had to do it with Olive Tree Bible Reader application.

If the user doesn’t use a fast enough card, the advantage of moving apps to a micro SD card may be lost. We suggest you find class 10 cards. They are fast enough to handle anything a user needs to do with their phone.

Moving large apps to external storage can still save some space, especially with large games. We freed up more than 1GB by moving a bunch of apps to the card.

Here’s how to move an app.

First, open apps and see how much storage they’re taking up. Tap on the bottom left or swipe down from the notification screen and select .

gs4 settings

Tap the tab at the top right of the Settings screen (see below).

gs4 settings more

Tap the menu item. Wait for the operating system to calculate how much storage space the apps and files are using. Call to see what’s left.

Now return to the previous screen by tapping the back button on the bottom right of the GS4. Then tap on it.

Start by sorting the apps by size. To do this, tap the menu button on the bottom left of the phone. Tap and let the operating system reorder apps. Then select an app near the top of the list. For example, we chose the Amazon Kindle app. Note that it takes up about 65MB (see below).

appilacation leader

The button reading is grayed out if the operating system does not allow an application to run on the card. If not, tap on it and wait for the app to move. Repeat the process until all the apps that need to run from the card and can run from the card have been moved.

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