Moving Apps to Galaxy Note 8 MicroSD Card

This guide explains how to transfer and move apps to the Galaxy Note 8 microSD card to free up space. We’ll also explain in detail why you’d want to do this and recommend some of the best microSD cards. Get the most out of your new phone and download tons of apps without worrying about how much space is left.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has 64GB of internal storage. That’s double that of older Samsung devices, but you can still easily fill it with apps, games, music, and movies.

Many Note 8 buyers received a free microSD card from Samsung with their purchase. If not, get one from our link above. When you’re ready, read the quick and simple instructions.

Samsung does not use Android’s acceptable storage option, which combines phone storage and a microSD card into a single pool. Instead, they are both listed separately by the phone. As a result, you have to manually move each app to the SD card one by one rather than installing it in the first place.

How to Transfer Apps to MicroSD Card on Galaxy Note 8

First, insert the microSD card into your phone. There is a SIM card eject tool that comes in the box and this will give you access to the SD tray.

Next, pull down the notification shade and hit the gear-shaped settings button. Find that or in the app tray and open it. Scroll down and select . Then select show from the drop-down menu at the top left of the screen like our screenshots below.

This will show a list of all the apps on the Galaxy Note 8. Apps you’ve downloaded or apps that come pre-installed. You cannot move or delete pre-installed apps, just disable them. Moving everything else to the microSD card is easy. We recommend starting with the biggest apps first, then doing everything else.

  1. Find and list
  2. Tap on the third option labeled
  3. Where it says “Storage used, internal storage” click the button
  4. Choose the one you want from the drop down menu
  5. Confirm by selecting it at the bottom right, wait for it to export
  6. for any app you want (or is convenient to) port
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Depending on the size of the app, the process takes about 3-5 seconds per app. There is no easy way to do them all at once, rather one at a time. Transfer any app or game you want to the Galaxy Note 8 microSD card.

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If an app is greyed out, you cannot move it. These are not supported and must remain in internal storage. Almost anything you download yourself can be transferred. In addition, applications on the microSD card are completely saved on it. So if you remove the microSD card, the app or game will no longer work.

While moving items in the app menu, feel free to disable bloatware or unused apps to clean your phone. Instead of selecting storage, hit the “Disable” button at the top of each app list. This disables the app and hides it completely from the app tray.

Finally, some Galaxy S7 users have experienced problems transferring apps to the microSD card. This is probably due to the quality and speed of the SD card purchased. Getting a good high speed mobile friendly card from our link at the top of the page is your best bet. These will provide the best experience. Download whatever you want now and enjoy your Galaxy Note 8.

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