Mixing Songs in the iOS 13 Apple Music App

Apple changed a few things in the stock music app, including the location of the shuffle and repeat buttons. While these frequently used buttons are still easy to discover, I didn’t immediately notice them during my first interaction with the Apple Music app in the latest iteration of iOS. And I guess I’m not the only one who’s found their new location a bit hidden. Also if you don’t know how to shuffle or repeat songs in Apple Music app in iOS 13, let me show you how.

Repeat or Shuffle Songs in the Apple Music App on iPhone and iPad

To make the interface intuitive, Apple continues to make changes to the music streaming app from time to time. And as I recall, this isn’t the first time the tech giant has replaced the shuffle button in the stock music app. Therefore, it is better to adapt than to resist changes. Note that the process of mixing or repeating music is the same in both iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. So I just showed screenshots of iPhone. Having said that, let’s go!

1. To get started, Open the “Music app” on your device.

2. Then start playing any song or album as usual. When the music starts playingPlaying now” option will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.

Tap Now Playing Music

3. Next, tap the small button (with small horizontal lines) in the lower right corner. On the next screen, press the button. shuffle button It is located next to the Next label. It’s worth noting that the Redo button is also right there.

Shuffle or repeat songs in Apple Music

Come in! Now is the time to enjoy the music to the fullest.

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Easily Repeat or Shuffle Music in the Apple Music App

This is how you can shuffle songs, playlists or albums in your Apple Music app. Although it took me a few days to get used to the changes, I’ve slowly but steadily settled into them now. In terms of intuitiveness, I still find Spotify better than Apple’s music app. But I must say that the tech giant has greatly improved the app by getting rid of almost all the clutter used to mess up the interface. Anyway, let me know your favorite features in Apple Music and the music app you think is by far the best across the platform.

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