Missing Old Google Assistant White Noise? Here’s How To Get It Back

Google Assistant smart speakers have a useful feature that allows users to create bedtime routines and play ambient noise throughout the night. This feature has been around for years and has helped parents around the world put their little ones to sleep. However, Google seems to have changed the ambient sound recently with someone who feels quieter and more muffled. by user reports On Google Nest Community and Reddit, toddlers (and adults) are not happy with this change and are having trouble falling asleep. If you are not satisfied with the new Assistant white noise and other ambient sound optionshere’s how you can get the old Google Assistant white noise back.

Get the old Google Assistant White Noise (January 2022)

Undoing includes a workaround, as Google removed the old Assistant white noise. The method we describe in this tutorial consists of two steps. First, we’ll upload the original white noise to a music streaming service like YouTube Music or Apple Music. Secondly, we will transfer the old white noise from our phone to the speaker. You can also create a playlist to access the white noise from the Google Assistant smart speaker without your phone. Note that you cannot use Spotify for this, as the service does not allow you to stream local music to smart speakers.

note: Google identified the white noise change as a problem and fixed it from the start. Google Assistant white noise should work as intended once again. “There has been an issue affecting our white noise experience. A Google spokesperson told The Verge, “It’s now fixed and works as before.” follow this guide with a workaround.

Upload Google Assistant White Noise to YouTube Music

Thanks to Reddit user u/ldrrp, we have the original Google Assistant white noise sound file. The 1-hour version is the original file here, but the user has also uploaded the 12-hour versions with and without fade/open effects. Although we will be using the 1-hour version in this tutorial, you can choose the appropriate file based on your needs. That said, let’s look at the steps involved:

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1. Visit White Noise Google Drive folder linked here and download the file by tapping the “ icon.downloadThe ” button is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. You cannot directly upload music from YouTube Music’s mobile app, but you can do so from the web client. Open YouTube Music in your mobile browser (visit) and tap your profile picture in the upper right corner of the screen. From the drop-down menu that now appears, Select “Upload music” and select the file picker.

select the white noise file

3. From the file picker UI, navigate to the white noise file you just downloaded and tap on it. After selecting the file, review the usage policy by tapping “Accept” on the pop-up prompt.

select file and accept terms

4. You will now see the upload progress of the file at the bottom of the page. After the upload is complete, the streaming service starts processing the file. It may take some time for the white noise file to appear in the YouTube Music library.

wait until it is loaded and processed

Transfer Uploaded Noise from YouTube Music to Speaker

1. Open the YouTube Music app and Switch to the “Library” section from the bottom navigation bar. Now, Tap on “Songs” To access the songs in your library, you will see the file you just uploaded under the “Downloads” tab. Simply tap the file to play it.

play uploaded song yt music

2. From the player interface, tap the album art once to reveal the publish icon. Tap the Cast icon and select the Google Assistant enabled speaker from the list of devices that appear.

broadcast to smart speaker via yt music

note: while there is reports An active YouTube Premium subscription was required to stream the uploaded audio file here in India, suggesting that YouTube Music now lets you stream the uploaded music without a premium subscription.

Even if you manage to stream without a premium subscription, it may come with ads and interrupt sleep. Therefore, YouTube Premium users are best suited for streaming directly from the speaker. If you don’t have YouTube Music Premium, you can check the next section to learn how to play the downloaded file on speaker via Bluetooth.

3. As you can see below, the original Google Assistant white noise should now start playing on your smart speaker. Now that’s fine but it could be better. See the next section to learn how to create a playlist to access this audio file directly from your speaker.

casting interface

Create YouTube Music Playlist with Google Assistant White Noise

1. In the “Downloads” section in your YouTube Music library, tap the vertical ellipsis menu next to the uploaded white noise file and Select “Add to playlist”.

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add white noise uploaded to playlist

2. Next, Press “New Playlist” create a new playlist and name it “White Noise” (or anything you can easily remember). When you’re done, tap “Create” to create the playlist.

create white noise playlist

3. Now that you have created the playlist, you can access it using Google Assistant voice commands. For example, you could simply say: “Ok Google, play my white noise playlist” If YouTube Music is your default streaming service. Or use the voice command – “Ok Google, play my white noise playlist on YouTube Music” To play white noise from your Google Assistant powered smart speaker.

Play Google Assistant White Noise via Bluetooth

If you don’t have YouTube Music premium, no worries. You can easily connect the smart speaker to your phone via Bluetooth and play the downloaded audio using any offline music app on your Android device. Here’s how it works:

Simply say “Ok Google, turn on Bluetooth pairing” to enable pairing mode on your Bluetooth-enabled smart speaker. Now go to your phone’s Bluetooth settings page and you will see the speaker in the list of available devices.

connect speaker with bluetooth

The rest of the process is pretty simple. Tap to connect the speaker via Bluetooth, open your favorite music player app, and play the Google Assistant white noise file. Also, apps like the Poweramp music player come with a sleep timer feature that you can use to schedule audio playback to turn it off.

Undo the familiar Google Assistant White Noise

Parenting can be difficult, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. Whether you’re having trouble putting your toddler to sleep without the original Google Assistant white noise or facing the problem yourself, we hope this guide has helped you. Until Google decides to restore the old white noise, or at least offer the option to go back, you can count on this nifty workaround. In the meantime, if you’re interested in exploring what else Google Assistant can do, be sure to check out our article on the best Google Assistant tricks.

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