Mass Deletion of Facebook Posts on iPhone and Android

It’s always been fun for me to share photos, videos or thoughts with friends on Facebook. While I’m sure I only share posts that I find noteworthy or that could earn a lot of praise from friends and loved ones, there have been a few deviations from time to time. Also, some posts, however laudable at the time of posting, tend to become irrelevant overtime (if not a source of annoyance and embarrassment). Although Facebook allowed users to search the activity log and delete certain posts, the process was rather tedious. But today that is no longer the case! Thanks to a recent update, you can now mass delete Facebook posts on your iPhone or Android device. Let me guide you!

Mass Deletion of Facebook Posts on Android and iOS

The latest version of Facebook lets you filter your activities based on three things: Categories, Date and People. You can choose any of the three options to sort your Facebook posts and keep track of those you don’t want to show on your profile page. After selecting the junk posts, you can choose to archive or remove them all at once.

Note: We’ve only shown iOS screenshots, as the process is exactly the same on both iOS and Android. Before you start, make sure you’ve already updated Facebook on your device.

1. On your iPhone or Android device, Facebook application.

2. Now, tap . profile picture to go to profile page

click on profile photo

3. Next, tap on it. three points right next to the “+Add Story) button and then Activity Log.

Tap on Activity Log

4. Next, tap . Manage Event press the button on the top and select Your posts are in the popup.

Tap Your Photos in the popup

5. Next, tap . filters on the hill.

Tap on the filters button

6. Now you will have three options to sort your posts: Category, Date and Contacts.

Choose the filter you want

7. Select the preferred option to track posts you no longer want to show. In this guide, I will choose History as the preferred sorting option. After that, enter the (start and end) time and tap on it. Completed in the upper right.

set duration

8. Finally, select posts you want to remove and then Archive or throw them in recycle bin.

Mass delete your Facebook posts

That is all!

Bulk Delete Your Facebook Posts With Ease

With almost 2 billion users, Facebook remains by far the world’s most loved social networking platform. What makes this app ahead of its time is a host of cool features like dating, adding music to a Facebook profile, and live video streaming. While privacy is still a concern, it has taken some important steps to improve privacy, such as adding the ability to remove third-party app access. In the meantime, share your thoughts on this new feature and whether you found it useful.

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