macOS 10.15.5 Issues: 5 Things to Know

Apple fixed a number of issues with the latest update, but there are still a number of macOS 10.15.

Some of the macOS Catalina issues are ported from older versions, while others are new to macOS 10.15.5, and at least one is a major issue to watch out for if you rely on bootable backups.

In this guide to macOS Catalina problems, we help you understand the current state of macOS 10.15. Where possible, we show you where to find fixes and, in some cases, clear instructions not to update.

macOS 10.15.5 Issues

There are already some macOS 10.15.5 issues plaguing users and potentially leaving you in a bad spot.

The biggest known issue is that macOS 10.15.5 stops creating new bootable backups. Carbon Copy Cloner shares a full breakdown of what brokeand find out how you can fix this problem.

The good news is that existing backups are not affected or your data is on it. It’s just “first creation bootable support.” This affects the APFS file system and was known in the beta version of macOS 10.15.

You can fix this problem and get more information at. Carbon Copy Cloner.

Where to Find Feedback

You can find feedback on the macOS Catalina update to get help from other users and find out what’s going on. The macOS 1015.4 update is old enough to get feedback on the forums, and you can read our list of reasons to install macOS Catalina and reasons to wait.

We recommend looking at macOS Catalina issues on YouTube at: Apple Discussion Forumsand Twitter as well MacRumors forums. A little preparation and research can help tremendously.

How to Fix macOS Catalina Issues

While Apple will need to fix some macOS Catalina issues, you can fix some issues on your own. We have a complete guide on how to fix macOS Catalina problems that will help you fix most problems on your own.

If you can’t download or install macOS Catalina, try restarting the download, restarting your Mac, and switching to a wired connection. If your device is slowing down after the update, you may need to wait for the background processes to finish. Give it a day or two.

Background processes can be the culprit when battery life drops, but you can use this guide to fix bad macOS Catalina battery life.

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If you can’t use WiFi, Bluetooth, or have audio problems, try restarting your Mac or try turning WiFi or Bluetooth off and then on again. also Apple Support via Twitter or through Apple’s website.

If you still can’t fix the problem, you may need to contact Apple for assistance.

macOS Catalina Downgrade Options

You can switch from macOS Catalina to macOS Mojave.

It is possible to switch from macOS Catalina to macOS Mojave. There is no time limit and it’s easy if you have a good backup of your Mac. To do this, simply start your Mac in safe mode and choose Restore from Time Machine Backup.

If you need to go back to macOS 10.15.4, you can restore to a time machine backup you made just before the upgrade. This can help you fix sleep issues and file transfer issues.

This will take some time, so it should not be taken lightly, but if you are no longer able to use your Mac properly, this may be the best option until Apple releases an update for the new macOS 10.15.

What’s Next for macOS?

You can expect to see Apple release additional maintenance updates for the rest of the year. Apple will show macOS 10.16 at WWDC in June and will likely arrive in September or October.