Lower East Side Ecology Center accepts e-waste on NYC pop-up sites through November

One of the myriad effects of the coronavirus pandemic is that the NYC Department of Sanitation has stopped the recycling program that takes your e-waste by appointment. The program is still paused and is not set to resume its normal cadence of accepting e-waste at delivery points until at least June 2021.

Fortunately, you have a few short-term options if you need to get rid of some tech in the coming weeks.

Early in the outbreak, the Lower East Side (LES) Ecology Center drop-off site near Brooklyn’s Gowanus Canal permanently closed its doors. According to Christine Datz-Romero, co-founder and director of the LES Center for Ecology, it was one of the few drop-off sites in New York City that accepted and recycled e-waste and diverted 1 million pounds of e-waste from landfills in 2018. manager.

However, the LES Ecology Center is now partnering with recyclers to accept your e-waste every weekend during the month of November – more dates are likely in the future if COVID-19 case numbers remain low near planned collection sites. These pop-up sites will be in a different place each week, so check this in event calendar. And before I go make sure that what you have to recycle will be accepted.

Offering some release sites again in NYC is a return to form, albeit in a more limited way.

Image: Best Buy

Whether you’re in NYC or not, you can leave at least some of your e-waste at Best Buy. company approved Boundary He said he plans to continue the recycling program throughout the pandemic. Still, there are some things to be aware of. You can recycle up to three items per household per day at Best Buy. If one of these items is a modem, router, or both, the company will give you a coupon that will give you 15 percent off new networking devices. You can do Check out the fine print and list of items Best Buy can accept.

If you want more options, my colleague Barbara Krasnoff’s list of big companies that accept donations and technology recycling is still a great resource. Some will take clothes, books and more, so check if you want another way to get rid of your stuff.

For more information on the global problem governing e-waste, see the old boundary Reporter Colin Lecher hosted the video above that reveals the dark side of e-waste recycling. Moreover, boundary environmental reporter Justine Calma gave a fascinating glimpse into 2019, which broke records for e-waste left behind.

Finally, if you’re wondering how our team is getting NYC’s five boroughs out of e-waste, as illustrated at the beginning of this post, this behind-the-scenes post is for you.

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