LG G3: How to easily convert to LG G5

First of all, before you start, keep in mind that the operations described in this tutorial involve risks and neither Moyens I/O nor the author of this tutorial can be held responsible for any problems encountered. Don’t forget to make a backup before you start!

To turn your LG G3 into an LG G5, you need to go through a Custom Rom install. The latter is developed by the member. xpirt From the XDA forum and by its creator”Fulmics ROM”.

Features of Custom Rom ” Fulmics ROM »

  • Android 6.0 (MRA58K) + some 6.0.1 patches
  • Based on LG firmware v30N
  • Full GUI UX 5.0 from latest LG G5 firmware v10D
  • Multi-carrier support
  • Root, busybox and init.d support
  • Sysro / Sysrw binaries
  • Improved battery life, better performance and memory
  • SQLite support
  • LG G5 Features:
    • time-lapse camera
    • Camera Capture Mode
    • Video Editor with multiple effects
  • Mini view function from LG V10
  • Fulmics Tweaks – Tons of upgrades and customizations!
  • Fulmics HUB – latest mods/plugins/cores/etc. Download directly to your smartphone!
  • Advanced power menu (Reboot, Warm Reboot, Recovery, Safe Mode)
  • Camera: 60 FPS (FullHD), 64Bit (4k), 100% Quality (jpeg)

Aroma Setup

  • Model selection (F400S/F400L/F400K, D850, D851, D852, D855, LS990, US990, VS985, D856, D857, D858/HK, D859)
  • Sharpen Mode (Disabled, 25%, 50%, 75%, Stock)
  • CTT Mode
  • Uninstalling custom LG apps
  • Uninstalling custom Google apps
  • Custom plugin installation (VIPER4Android, Sound Boost)
  • GPS Zone correction
  • Uninstalling custom apps
convert lg-g3 to lg-g5

The Fulmics custom ROM not only gives you the UX 5.0 interface found on the G5, but on top of that, the settings menu, DOZE, permission picker apps and many new features available on the latter. Other features.

ROM Preview

Here is a small promotional video of the ROM. Note that hardware-only features such as fingerprint reader or camera are not available for LG G3. Features are rich and varied, so we let you explore them for yourself.


To be able to install the Custom Rom some prerequisites are required, so you need to:

  • Installed TWRP custom recovery available here
  • You downloaded the custom Rom file: FulmicsROM-6.5.zip
  • Have a charged battery (at least 50%)

Installing the ROM

Copy/paste the ZIP file of the downloaded rom to your phone’s internal memory without compression.

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Phone turned off, reboot in recovery mode, see procedure here

Make a Nandroid Backup before proceeding!

Select from the menu that appears. “Support” then select the partitions you want to back up. Swipe your finger from left to right “Swipe to Backup” To start the backup process

galaxy s6 custom rom install

Be patient as it may take some time depending on the number of apps and data on your smartphone.

After the backup is complete, go back and “wipe away” later “Advanced Wipes »

Check the boxes “Dalvik / ART Cache” / “System / “Data” / “Cache”

Then swipe your finger from left to right “Swipe to Delete”.

Please note that this action erases ALL content of your device (configured accounts and settings, photos, audio/video files, etc.).

Install TWRP galaxy s6

Return to the main menu, this time “To organise”. There, all you have to do is select the rom file and flash it by dragging it from left to right. “Swipe to Confirm Flash”.

Install TWRP Samsung galaxy s6 edge

then you will see an aroma menu It suggests choosing the model of your LG G3. Select it and the different options you want to install.

When the ROM flash is complete, check the box “Restart your device now” and bass “Finish”

Your LG G3 will reboot with the new ROM. Be patient, it may take some time.

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Congratulations, you just installed the Custom ROM” Fulmics ROM On your LG G3! If you have any difficulties or questions regarding the installation procedure, feel free to ask your questions in the forum section dedicated to LG G3. The community will be happy to answer you and guide you in the best possible way.

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