iPhone disabled: How to fix the problem without going through iTunes?

“iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes”. You may have come across this screen on this iPhone before. Problem: You may not have a handy version of iTunes, and worse yet, have no idea how you got there. Do not panic, in this article we will explain everything to you.

Start with the cause of the problem. If you got there, it’s probably because you forgot your PIN and entered the wrong code multiple times. The first thing you should do is make sure you have an easy-to-remember code, or if necessary find a way to find it in case you forget it.

How do you reactivate your iPhone with iTunes?

If you have reached this stage despite everything, the first thing you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen, that is, connect to iTunes. If you have a PC or Mac with the software installed, here’s the procedure you need to follow to regain control of your iPhone:

  1. turn off your iPhone
  2. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac while holding down the side button
  3. If you have a model lower than iPhone 8, this will be the volume down button or the main Home button.
  4. Hold the button until you see the recovery mode screen on your iPhone
  5. In iTunes, find and click the button to access your iPhone
  6. In the window that opens, select the Restore option
  7. Let the process run until your iPhone restarts
  8. Disconnect your iPhone from your computer and set a new PIN

How to reactivate your iPhone with iCloud

iTunes is no longer really part of the computing environment, replaced by its successor Apple Music, the app may not be at hand when your iPhone crashes. No problem, another method of reactivation:

  1. On another device, sign in to your iCloud account
  2. Select your iPhone in the device menu
  3. Click on “Erase iPhone”
  4. Reconfigure a new PIN
  5. Restore an old backup of your iPhone if available

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How to Reactivate Your iPhone with a Third-Party App

The final solution is you can use an app other than iTunes to restore your iPhone. This method can be useful if the latter is not tied to an iCloud account and you do not have a copy of iTunes. Here we will take the example of Tenorshare ReiBoot, which is a paid solution but offers an ideal trial week for exceptional cases like this. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Go to this link and click Free to try to download the application
  2. Open the app and connect your iPhone to your computer
  3. click To start
  4. choose option Advanced Repair
  5. Download the firmware for your iPhone model
  6. Let the app install the latter on your smartphone and start the repair
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Once all these steps are complete, whatever method is used, you should have a (almost) brand new iPhone, but at the same time and above all unlocked. After that, we recommend that you remember your PIN code!

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