iPhone Contacts Not Syncing to Apple Watch? Here’s the Fix

Apple Watch is known for seamless syncing with iPhone. When you pair the smartwatch with iPhone, essential data such as contacts sync seamlessly, so you can keep in touch with friends and loved ones directly from your wearable device. While syncing works as expected most of the time, it tends to get out of control in some rare cases. So, if your iPhone contacts are not syncing to Apple Watch, don’t lose your sleep as you are not the only one facing this annoying issue. Let’s jump start to try a few reliable solutions to fix iPhone contacts not syncing with Apple Watch issue!

Tips to Fix iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with Apple Watch Issue

Reasons why iPhone Contacts won’t sync to Apple Watch

In most cases, it’s the sloppy internet connection that gets in the way of data syncing. Therefore, you should make sure that your iPhone is connected to a strong and stable internet connection so that data such as contacts and calendars can be synced smoothly. Aside from that, keeping the Apple Watch updated to the latest watchOS can go a long way in fixing many various issues.

Reset Sync Data

Probably the best way to fix the “iPhone contacts not syncing to Apple Watch” issue is to reset the sync data. Note that there is a radical solution that deletes all contacts and calendar data from your Apple Watch and resyncs them from your iPhone. So you should give this hack some time to get all your contacts to the clock.

  • To get started, open watch app on your iPhone, and then General.

  • Now, tap on Reset.

Tap Reset

  • Next, tap on Reset Sync Data. Now, Apple Watch will resync all contacts to iPhone. If it solves the problem, you’re good to go!

Tap on Reset Sync Data

Disconnect Apple Watch from iPhone and Pair Again

In most cases, resyncing can help you fix contacts not syncing on watchOS. However, if it can’t get rid of the problem, unpair the smartwatch from the iPhone and pair it again.

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You don’t have to worry about losing your data, as Apple Watch automatically backs up all data during unpairing. You will have the option to restore your Apple Watch backup when pairing the watch with the iPhone.

  • start watch app on your iPhone and tap on General.

Tap on General

  • Next, scroll down and select Reset.

Tap Reset

  • Next, tap on “Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings” Select and confirm.

Erase Apple Watch content and data

After erasing all data, pair the smartwatch with your iPhone. Bring your iOS device closer to your Apple Watch. Next, you should see a prompt on the iPhone that says “Use iPhone to pair your Apple Watch”. Tap on Continue and then follow the onscreen quick instructions to complete the pairing process.


Make sure your iPhone is connected to a stable internet connection and Bluetooth is turned on.

Troubleshoot iPhone Contacts Not Syncing with Apple Watch Issue

Hopefully, your iPhone contacts are synced to Apple Watch. Since the solutions described above worked for me in resolving the issue, I bet they can get the job done for you too.

I would also recommend keeping the device updated to the latest watchOS for the watch to run smoothly. While Apple continues to release new watchOS updates with numerous performance improvements and bug fixes, it pays to keep the wearable in sync with the latest updates.

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