iOS 6 Jailbreak: How To Get A Warning When Jailbreak Is Released

Thanks to the work of planetbeing and pod2g, the iOS 6 jailbreak release is imminent, but more work is still required before the public release.

Gotta Be Mobile will continue to offer iOS 6 jailbreak progress, but for users who want to know the moment the iOS 6 jailbreak is released, we’ve found an easy way to get an email or text alert when the iOS 6 jailbreak is released. sent.

Reddit user hizinfiz used web service IFTTT to create two “recipes” so users can get a warning iPhone Developer Team Posts an update on their blog, which is normally what happens when the team shares news about a jailbreak or jailbreak. Since the blog is not updated frequently, this alert is unlikely to fill your inbox.

Receive an iOS 6 Jailbreak release alert by text or email.

How to get iOS 6 Jailbreak Release Warning?

Sign up to get started If this is more (IFTTT) with a free account. Confirm your phone number or email to receive alerts.

Use one of the recipes created by hizinfiz below to sign up for alerts.

It is also possible for the iOS 6 jailbreak version to appear on the screen. Chronic Developer Team blog, where the Absinthe jailbreak tool came from when the last major jailbreak was announced. You can use this recipe we have prepared to receive alerts when news is posted to the Chronic Dev Team blog.

We’ll likely see a few more status updates before the iOS 6 jailbreak arrives. Once the team working on the iOS 6 jailbreak finds the key piece needed for a public iOS 6 jailbreak, we’ll likely face a series of tests to ensure that the exploits and the iOS 6 jailbreak tool are working properly.

Check out the latest iOS 6 jailbreak news.

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