iOS 5: How to Use Wi-Fi Sync with iTunes

For those using the new iTunes 10.5 and running iOS 5 on their iPad or iPhone, you can enjoy one of the most requested new features – syncing your device without connecting to a computer. Wi-Fi sync allows your device to be backed up over your home or office Wi-Fi network.

First, a few requirements. You must be running iTunes 10.5 on the computer – Windows or Mac. I would recommend that your Mac should probably be running the latest version of OS X for it to run more smoothly. The iOS device must be updated to iOS 5 – not an easy task from day one, based on the experience of our own staff and apparently our readers.

Finally, both the computer running iTunes 10.5 and the iOS device are on the same network.

Here’s how to set up WiFi Sync for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in iOS 5:

  1. Run iTunes on the computer you want to sync.
  2. Connect the device to the computer with your USB to Dock cable and perform at least one sync. .
  3. Go to your device’s Summary page in iTunes and check under Options at the bottom (device will say iPad, iPhone or iPod)
  4. open on your iOS device
  5. Tap on it
  6. Tap on it
  7. Select the computer you want to sync
  8. Plug the device into a power source. Some have said it’s a requirement, but I can sync without being plugged in.
  9. Tap the button

Now you are ready to sync your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch without connecting it to your computer.

Now, if you want to sync, you can go to your iOS device section and then select . Tap on it and it will start.

This feature got me really excited and I’m really happy to have it. It seems to work fine, but the few times I tried to run it I had a few glitches. This way you won’t want to do a big sync with too much content, the process can be slow.

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