iOS 14: Safari, Mail… how to change default apps on iPhone

iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 are finally available. One of the most important new features in this version is, ability to change default apps. A limitation that Apple has never bowed to. all in theory native apps can be replaced with third-party apps. In fact, there are only a few alternatives available for now. But the situation is improving fast.

How to replace Safari with Chrome or Firefox?

how to change safari ios 14 default

For him:

  • go to Settings
  • Scroll down to your browser (Safari or newer, whatever) and go to the next menu
  • enter inside Default browser app
  • Choose your new browser and voila!

Now all links from other apps will open in the new default browser. So far we have managed to replace Safari with Firefox and Chrome. Other browsers should follow in the coming weeks.

How to replace Mail with Gmail, Outlook or Spark?

How to Change the Default Mail App in iOS 14

For him:

  • go to Settings
  • Scroll down to your mail app and go to the next menu
  • enter inside Default email application
  • Choose your new email client

According to our tests, not all mail clients are working yet. We managed to replace the default Mail client with Spark, Gmail and Outlook. Other customers should follow up, we hope.

How to override the Default Calendar?

Previously, it should be possible to replace your Calendar app with an alternative of your choice. Unfortunately, we haven’t found any compatible alternatives to replace the default apps in iOS 14 for now. In theory, once such an app is available, the procedure would be the same:

  • enter inside Settings
  • Scroll down to the app calendar
  • enter inside Default calendar app
  • Choose the new calendar app

How to change other default apps in iOS 14?

Apple does not currently provide a list of native apps compatible with this replacement of default apps. Therefore, all Apple apps, including Hour and Weather forecast can be replaced with your preferred alternatives. It is up to the developers to adapt their applications.

To test if an alternative can replace an Apple app:

  • enter inside Settings
  • Scroll down to the app
  • enter inside default app
  • Choose the new app to use as default

We hope you found this tutorial useful. Feel free to send us your comments in the comment area!

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