Instagram: how to download all your photos and data

Have you amassed an impressive amount of photos on your Instagram account and want to download them all to your computer? Like Facebook, Instagram now offers its users the ability to download all their data as they see fit. This download takes the form of an archive that includes both the raw files and an HTML interface that makes navigating your data very easy.

How to download all your Instagram photos and data?

To download your Instagram photos and data:

  1. go Download page of your account by clicking this link from your computer
  2. click Follow Where Next then follow the instructions
  3. You will receive a link to download the archive to your mailbox

Like Facebook, Instagram dedicates resources to its servers to collect all your data in a tiered archive. This process is not immediate and can take up to 48 hours, but the wait time was about an hour in total according to our tests. Downloading your photos to your computer can be useful, for example, to find original files that you may have lost.

It is also a must if you plan to delete your Instagram account: this way you always have a backup of your photos, which you can consult directly without going through the social network. Then you’re free to import them back into your Google Photos account. If there’s more in this tutorial, we recommend reading our list of the 11 best apps for editing photos.

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