Instagram: all the necessary tips to use it well

Acquired by Facebook in 2012, instagram It is an excellent photo social network. The app currently has less than 400 million active users, 50% of which come from Europe and Asia. Currently, around 80 million photos are shared on Instagram every day. Between its effects and the appeal of its concept, it must be said that the app has everything to appeal to most smartphone users.

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Not using Instagram yet and want to get started? How about a small selection?tips for using the app well. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, you can do so by clicking the image below.

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How to post a photo or video

Your photo has already been taken

Just downloaded Instagram and planning to post your first photo? In the first case, it is already on your smartphone. In this case, you can do it directly from your gallery by clicking share and then selecting the app from the list.

share your instagram photo

Take a photo with Instagram

You prefer to take your photo directly from the app. As you will see, it is very simple. In the middle tab of the application, it hides the interface of a camera application. On the left is a tab for selecting an image from your gallery, on the right is a tab for capturing a video.

  • For to take photosAll you have to do is frame it and press the button.
  • For take video, just go to the private tab. Shooting is done by keeping your finger pressed on the shutter button.

take instagram photo

Add effects and retouch your images

Now that your photo has been taken, you will be able to retouch and add photos if you wish. different filters and its effects. As you will see, it is very simple:

  • On the left is a set of filters that will often be fine to achieve the desired effect.
  • An option in the middle that lets you enhance your image without spoiling it
  • On the right, various manual editing options
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After your photo is edited, click the blue arrow in the upper right to proceed to the next step.

crop instagram photo

Share a picture or video

Your photo is now ready to be published. You have two options for broadcasting:

  • subscribers : your photos are publicly visible to all your subscribers and even if you haven’t secured your account
  • directly : you manually select the person(s) you want to share your picture with

Note that you can add a location, identify people, and even kill a stone by sharing your picture on other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

send photo instagram

How to secure your account

If you only use Instagram to share photos of landscapes or places of interest, you may not feel the need to protect your account. On the other hand, if you regularly post personal photos of your friends or your daily life (not nudity photos because Instagram censors them!), you may need to do this to better protect your privacy. From there, only your existing subscribers will have access to your images, and you’re the one who will manually verify each new subscription request. Here’s how.

  • Go to the right tab and click on the top right to access the menu
  • Check the “Private account” box

secure instagram account

how to add friend

Add your Facebook contacts and friends

The first thing to do when you enter a new social network is to add friends. With Instagram, it’s very simple as the app will recommend it to you once installed on your phone. Facebook contacts and friends. Here’s how:

  • Go to the right tab and click on the top right to access the menu
  • Select your Facebook friends or contacts from your phone
  • Click “Follow all” to add all people in each category or to add each person manually.

add friends on instagram

Add person manually by name

The person or account you want to add is not listed among your Facebook friends or contacts on your phone? You will then need to go through the search engine.

  • Go to the app’s search engine (second tab from the left)
  • Enter the first letters of your name
  • Go to their profile and click ‘Subscribe’

add instagram contact