iCloud: How to Download Pre-Purchased Media from iTunes in the Cloud

With the new iCloud and updated version of iTunes, you can now re-download all your previously purchased apps, books, music, and TV shows. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with movies. Apple calls the new feature “iTunes in the Cloud”. You can do this both on your iOS device and on your computer via iTunes. This works on any iOS device running iOS 5, not just the iPhone 4S.

on the computer

First, let’s look at iTunes on your computer. Open iTunes and click the new link in the list of links on the right (see below).

A screen like the one below will open. There are four buttons in the top left for Music, TV Shows, Apps, and Books. At the top right are two buttons for All and Not in My Library.

screen purchased on iTunes

Select your content and if you have authorized your computer, this will allow you to download the content again. Click on the menu and select to authorize the computer.

On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

On the phone, things work a little differently. Your Music and TV Shows will be in the iTunes App. Your apps will be in the App Store. Your books will become the iBooks store. To find content purchased from each store, do the following:

Songs Purchased on iOS iTunes

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