How to Use Google Drive’s New Add-ons in Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Google has launched a new feature called Add-ons for two of its Google Drive apps, Google Docs and Google Sheets. An app store for Google Drive, Google’s online office suite. The new Add-ons menu only appears in Documents and Sheets for now, and then only because Google has sent the update. No new Add-ons menu item appears in Presentations or other Google Drive apps.

When a user logs in google drive creates an account and creates a new Document or Spreadsheet (see image below) the new Plugins menu will appear next to the Help menu on the right. Plugins that are already installed will also appear under this menu.

Google is gradually rolling out the new feature so not everyone will be able to see it. Also, seeing the new menu item in one app doesn’t mean it will appear in another app right away. For example, my account shows it in Google Docs, but not yet in Google Sheets.

google docs add to menu

How to Use Google Drive Plugins

It contains a link between and and the other two items in the Add-ons menu (see above). The first opens the Add-on store and the second allows users to manage the Add-ons they have already installed.

google docs plugins

The new add-on store includes a number of apps that help improve Google Docs and Sheets. We find applications such as thesaurus, a plugin that puts synonyms into an online word processor. Choose a word and click the menu. Choose from the drop-down menu that appears when a user clicks on the menu. A sidebar appears on the right side of the Google Docs window presenting synonyms for the selected word.

Another interesting app called Easy Apron helps users create an online bibliography. Avery Label Merge Embeds label printing in Documents.

Other apps we found interesting include…

We hope to see many more Add-ons that will make Google Docs much more useful.

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