How to Wipe All Data and Factory Reset iPad

It looks like the iPad 3 will be announced in just a few weeks and will likely be available shortly thereafter. Then now is the time to consider reselling your iPad or iPad 2 so you can spend that money on the new model.

When you sell your electronic products to a retailer (or even when you return a product to the store after using it), you should always make sure that you completely delete the data in it. You can’t count on the seller or store staff to do this for you.

Deleting data from iPad is as easy as backing up that data to transfer to your new tablet.

First, back up the data even if you’re not going to buy a new iPad.

How to Backup Your iPad

Open iTunes, then connect the iPad to your computer with the USB cable. The device will appear in the sidebar on the left.

Click the iPad’s name to open the information window. Scroll down until you see the Backup section.

iTunes iPad Backup

You can back up your iPad’s data to your computer or iCloud. I do both in case something goes wrong with one or the other.

If you back it up to your computer, you can protect this data with a password. Just don’t forget!

Backup password

After choosing where to back up, right-click the iPad’s name in the sidebar and select Backup from the menu.

iTunes - iPad Right Click Menu

iTunes, pictures, videos, apps, purchases, etc. It will start transferring data including

iTunes Backup

When the backup is complete, unplug the tablet. Now you are ready to delete it.

How to Wipe Data and Factory Reset iPad

Go to the Settings app. Scroll to the bottom of the General settings area to find Reset.

iPad General Settings, Reset from Bottom

There are several options in this menu. What you want is “Erase All Content and Settings”.

How to Erase iPad and Reset Screen

iPad will ask you to confirm that you want to do this. Tap Delete.

Delete iPad Confirmation

iPad wipes all data on it, reboots and works fine out of the box. Be sure to close it completely before sending or returning it.

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When you get your new iPad, you can restore data and apps from your old iPad by right-clicking it and selecting “Restore from Backup”.

iTunes - iPad Right Click Menu

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