How to Watch Videos, YouTube and More on Windows 10

Microsoft’s free Windows 10 upgrade does a lot to please many users. The Start Menu is back, giving users the ability to pin Live Tiles or forget them altogether. Apps downloaded from the Windows Store now work with traditional programs like iTunes.

Microsoft is playing games on entertainment with the Windows Store. More specifically, it sets its sources to take iTunes and Google Play Store as sources of digital content. For years, Microsoft left the media to other companies. When it came out clever, the iTunes Store and the iTunes app were the undisputed kings of renting movies and buying television shows. Windows ships with a recently revamped Windows Store. It offers movie rental and television show purchasing services.

Whether you’re renting a movie, buying a television show, or having content you already own, we’re here to watch videos on Windows 10. There are also some apps for popular streaming services like Twitch and YouTube.

Renting Movies and Buying TV Shows in the Windows Store

Every version of Windows 10 comes with access to what Microsoft calls the Windows Store. The store, as it is called by Microsoft, is an application in the operating system and the online market. To purchase content from the Windows Store, you need a Microsoft Account, which you must have already created for services like Outlook, Xbox, and more.

You don’t need to install the Store separately from Windows 10. This is one of the pre-installed apps you get automatically. If you have touch, press the Windows key on your keyboard or the Windows button on your Taskbar.

Now look for the Store tile in your Start Menu or Start Screen. If you can’t see it, select it from the list of apps below.

How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (3)

Welcome to the Windows Store. Now tap or click in the top navigation.

How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (4)

This is Microsoft’s Windows 10 video store. Search for the movie you want to rent or buy.

How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (6)

When you buy a movie or television show, you can store it on your device to watch when you don’t have an internet connection. Renting a movie or television show requires you to choose whether you want to watch or download it at the time of purchase. When you rent a movie, it stays in your collection until it expires two weeks later. When you hit the play button on a rental movie, you have two days to watch it. Microsoft syncs any video you buy from its store to apps on Xbox One, Windows 10, Windows Phone, and the web. You cannot burn any rented or purchased content to DVD.

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How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (7)

When you’re ready to play your video content, Window Store directs you to the Movies & TV app for you to watch.

How to Watch to Watch Videos You Already Have

Millions of users already have video content from DVDs or downloads. Microsoft has made it easy for these users to watch videos as well. First, it threw Windows Media Player into the dustbin of history. Second, it has made major upgrades to the videos app.

Microsoft calls the video app Movies & TV for a reason, but it’s the default player for all types of videos. The company introduced MKV support for this version, allowing Windows users who rip their DVDs to watch this content without downloading a separate video player. Using the Movies & TV app to play videos doesn’t require a Microsoft Account.

Press the Windows key on your keyboard and search for the application. If it is not pinned to your Start Menu/Start Screen, select it from the Menu under M.

How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (8)

Welcome to Movies and TV. All content you purchase from the Windows Store is available here. This includes Movies and television shows. Select and watch through the app to see the content you already have.

How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (9)

By default, the Movies & TV app searches for content you have stored in your Video folder. You can add new folders full of video content to your device by tapping or clicking the button. This option is also in the settings.

How to Watch Video on Windows 10 (10)

According to Microsoft, the app can play m4v, mp4, mov, asf, avi, wmv, m2ts, 3g2, 3gp2 and 3gpp files. Microsoft said it plans to upgrade the Movies & TV app with new features.

How to Watch YouTube Videos and Other Videos on Windows 10


If you’re interested in streaming, Windows 10 has dedicated apps for popular video services in the Windows Store. Many of you are probably familiar with the iPhone and iPad.

MetroTube & Tube Casting great for users who want local YouTube access. Google doesn’t make a real YouTube app for Windows, hoping users flock to the website.

8Stream It is a native Twitch application for Windows. Inside, you can chat with streams while playing their games live.

Hulu Plus & Netflix It’s available for free in the Windows Store, but users must purchase a monthly subscription directly from their website – just like on iPhone and Android.

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Good luck trying to watch on Windows 10.

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