How to Watch US Open on iPhone and Android

One of golf’s biggest tournaments will conclude this weekend. Here’s how to watch the US Open on iPhone and Android.

The US Open kicked off with round one on June 18, but the biggest rounds will take place this weekend and if there are no rain delays and things go well, the winner will be announced on Sunday.

Currently, American Dustin Johnson and Swedish golfer Henrik Stenson share first place as they enter the second round, but that could easily change over the next few days as Patrick Reed is third and only one stroke behind the other players. not far behind.

Even if you’re not a big golf fan, you have to admit that watching the sport can be very relaxing. Wherever you are on the spectrum, there’s no reason not to catch all the action. If you want to watch the US Open at home or outside, here is how to watch the US Open on iPhone and Android devices.

How to Watch the US Open?

Unfortunately, there is only one app for iPhone and Android that will let you watch the US Open live and that is Fox Sports Go.

However, you will need a cable subscription to take advantage of the live streaming functionality. The app supports a handful of popular cable providers, including Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, Cox, and Time Warner Cable, but if you don’t have cable, you won’t be able to watch the US Open on your smartphone or tablet.

However, if you have cable, you can stream the entire tournament and, depending on who you have as the cable provider, you have access to many of Fox Sports’ popular channels, including FOX Sports, FOX Sports 1, FOX. Sports 2, regional FOX Sports Network, FOX College Sports and FOX Deportes.

Watching on Fox Sports Go lets you stream the US Open on your mobile device while on the go, so if you’re not at home and can’t watch it on TV, it’s the next best option.

Fox Sports Go is a free application. iOS devices, Android devicesand even Windows Phone.

How to Watch on Your Computer

Fortunately, if you have your laptop with you, you can stream the US Open for free with no restrictions or requirements.

For this you will go to the US Open website and itinerary. From there, navigate to the section named and click the little button. This will open a separate window and the live stream will start.

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You have three different viewing options: Featured Groups, Featured Holes, and US Open 360. Featured Groups focus on a specific group of golfers, while Featured Holes focus on a handful of selected holes. US Open 360 gives you a bit of both worlds and gives audiences a bit of everything.

This is perhaps the best option for streaming as it doesn’t require a cable subscription and there are no restrictions on viewing the live stream on the US Open website.

Of course, the only problem is getting WiFi on your laptop on the go. Usually most coffee shops have free WiFi, and more and more establishments offer these benefits to customers, but even then, they sometimes block streaming so you don’t consume bandwidth.

That said, you might consider getting a mobile hotspot “package” or even enabling the mobile hotspot feature on your iPhone or Android device. This will allow you to connect your laptop to the internet when there is no WiFi signal around.

Be careful if you have a limited amount of data per month with your data plan because streaming video will quickly consume data in a heartbeat. Otherwise, sit back and enjoy watching the US Open!

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