How to Watch Times Square Ball Drop on iPhone and Android

You can watch the Times Square Ball drop on iPhone and Android to play with a free app in late 2013 and early 2014.

The Times Square Ball app for iPhone and Android offers a full 6 hour webcast of Times Square Ball so you can tune in for the important celebration even if you’re in a home without a TV or out in New. Year 2013 at a local celebration.

Livestream, Times Square Alliance, and Countdown Entertainment have teamed up to make this possible. It’s not the first time you can watch the Times Square Ball drop, but the app is new and updated for 2013 New Year’s Eve.

Watch the Times Square Ball drop for New Year’s Eve 2013 on iPhone or Android

In addition to the iPhone and Android apps, there’s also a Roku app that’s perfect for users who don’t mind cutting the cord and getting local channels with an antenna.

The New Year’s Eve 2013 Times Square Ball game will also be played online in the video player below, so you can watch it on a computer or most smartphones.

The total show will run for six hours, which will likely drain your battery life, but you can tweak the Ball Drop and other parts of the event as you like, and the app will also feature Twitter reactions with the hashtag #BallDrop.

From the official statement,

“The Official Times Square Ball App is your exclusive access to be a part of the events in Times Square as you watch the LIVE co-hosted official show featuring opening ceremonies, musical performances, celebrity attendance, hourly countdowns and the midnight Ball Drop!”

You can download the official Times Square Ball Drop app from the links below and customize the countdown with your own photo and time zone.

For the Roku app, get the LiveStream player ready and find the official Times Square stream when New Year’s Eve starts in 2013.

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