How to Watch Super Bowl XLVIII on Android or iPhone

With tons of excitement around Super Bowl XLVIII, millions of fans will likely try to watch the game any way. From Peyton Manning’s last chance in another ring to the fact that this game will be played in the cold New Jersey open air breeze, it has all the elements to be a great game.

I’ll be busy counting how many times Ben Manning has been heard on “Omaha,” but for millions of others, they’ll just have to figure out how to watch the big game on their mobile device of choice. Whether it’s an Android smartphone, iPhone, or even your favorite tablet. Options are limited and some require purchases, but read on to see how you can watch Super Bowl XLVIII live on Android or iPhone.

Much will be at stake when the high-octane Denver Broncos take on the tough high-mouth Seattle Seahawks defense. You never know who will win and Manning is ready to play another excellent game, but you’ll have to tune in to see the action and that’s it.

Fox Sports Go

Just like divisional qualifiers, Fox will make the game available for people to watch on their iPads and computers absolutely free. While we don’t have a perfect FoxSportsGo Android app (for a ridiculous reason), tablet and desktop users can go to and stream the game live at no additional cost.

This is usually behind a paywall where users of Cox, Comcast, Infiniti, U-Verse, AT&T and other cable providers can simply log in and verify they have cable and enjoy the game. Most Americans do, but there are millions of others who prefer to find other methods and not get hung up on the cable. Luckily it doesn’t matter, because Fox will make it available to everyone absolutely free. There is one problem though, you can’t watch on smartphones, only tablets.

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Thanks to the NFL’s partnership with Verizon Wireless, smartphones can’t take action from Fox, and mobile users like us will have to find another solution if you don’t have an iPad. As a result, we have several different methods to choose from.

NFL Mobile

The NFL Mobile app for Verizon is available on all major mobile platforms and allows users to instantly receive scores, alerts, replays and live streaming of Super Bowl XLVIII. Android, iPhone, Windows Phone and more. This would be your best bet for mobile users, although it’s only for Verizon. That’s one reason why I wish carrier exclusives were dead, and it’s the only reason I’ve been on Verizon this long.

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There’s a lot of good content in the free app, but you’ll have to spend $5 on an NFL Mobile subscription to get the Super Bowl live stream.

from the air

Of course, there are also tons of wireless solutions, some better than others, but all very doable. A popular recipe-based streaming service is Aereo, which has a great suite of mobile apps that work great. But they are under attack and are in the middle of several lawsuits due to the nature of the service. If you have it, tune Fox from any of the various ways Aereo works, including on your smartphone, and enjoy the big game.

sling box

Of course, Slingbox and Slingplayer are a great option for those who have already paid and enjoyed it. A device that connects to a user’s TV service at home, work or anywhere with an internet connection and then broadcasts it over Slingbox servers. this mobile application It’s $15, but if you already have this setup, you can stream any NFL game to any mobile device or browser with ease. So watch from work if necessary.


The Slingbox method is not cheap but many people who already have it will be able to enjoy the game with this approach. Here are a few more details about Slingplayer and its accompanying apps.

Other methods

There are also many other methods, but most of them are not live streaming or are illegal or generally unwelcome. NFL Rewind it lets you access it from mobile devices, if not live, but lets you pause, rewind, and do all sorts of fun things.

If you’re not in the US and want to stream the game from on a computer, you’re mostly out of luck. However, there are Chrome plugins like Hola that will spoof your location, so you can be in the US instead of Canada and livestream the game to a desktop, not to mention thousands of averages on top streaming sites. Justin TV and its competitors. Beware of pop-ups, plugins and polls, because they never lead to anything good.


If you can’t live stream the game on your Android or iOS device, there are tons of quality apps out there that will give you the smallest details, highlights and scoring alerts. i use Yahoo! sports myself, NFL Mobile is even good for free as mentioned above, and the Team Stream report by Bleacher is another great pick. Fox has several apps you can check for updates and alerts for the big game.

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Omaha. Grab a beer, chips and salsa, some guacamole and enjoy the game!