How to Watch NBA Finals Game 6 on iPhone and Android

Here’s how to watch all the action on your iPhone or Android device if you’re not going to be watching the NBA Finals Game 6.

This year, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors face off for the Larry O’Brien championship trophy, and Game 6 kicks off tonight at 9 PM on ABC for those who will watch it on TV. Otherwise, there are ways to capture all the action on your mobile device.

The Cavaliers have not participated in the NBA Finals since 2007, but with LeBron James returning to the team, Cleveland is aiming to win its first national championship. The Golden State Warriors went even longer without appearing in the NBA Finals, and 1975 was the last time the California-based team competed for the coveted trophy. However, Golden State has won three NBA championships in the past and they are looking to do so four times, especially with the help of Stephen Curry.

All NBA Finals games will be broadcast on ABC, meaning if you have the ability to broadcast wirelessly with an antenna, you’ll be able to watch all seven games if it gets to the point.

However, if you’re on the road and away from home, watching the action on your iPhone or Android device is the only other option. Here’s how to watch the NBA Finals live on iPhone and Android.


Perhaps the best option for streaming the NBA Finals is to use WatchESPN. The application is available at: iOS and Androidas in a web browser that you can access from any computer.

WatchESPN will live stream all seven games of the NBA Finals, but the app will also offer an “NBA Finals Preview” two hours before each game, as well as a look at the “NBA Pre-Game Warmup Camera.” 20:00, which will give the audience a unique perspective before starting the game.

This app will also provide the Espanol game for Spanish speaking audiences.

One thing to note with WatchESPN, however, is that while it’s free to use and doesn’t require users to pay for the service, it does require you to have a cable subscription to stream live content within the app.

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on WatchESPN list of accepted cable providers You can check it out and see if you’re eligible. If so, simply enter your cable subscription account information in the WatchESPN app, and then you can instantly access live streaming and other features within the app.

watch ABC

Another live streaming option is ABC’s own watch ABC live streaming app. Unfortunately, it’s only possible to stream live in select locations in the US, including Chicago, Fresno, Houston, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Raleigh-Durham, and San Francisco. Also, as with WatchESPN, you will need a cable subscription to use the app for live streaming.

Screenshot 2015-06-04 10.00.02 AM

In any case, Watch ABC will feature a pre-game show starting at 8:30 PM, followed by the game kicking off at 9PM. Since all NBA Finals games will be broadcast on ABC, the channel has exclusive broadcast rights when it comes to live broadcasting, which means that NBC, CBS, FOX etc. will not be able to broadcast the game live on their respective mobile apps.

Other options

Unfortunately, the NBA Game Time mobile app, which lets you stream regular season games live, won’t be able to stream the NBA Finals live, so you’re stuck with WatchESPN or Watch ABC, but the former option is probably your best bet. , as it is not currently limited to certain regions such as ABC’s app.

If you want to stream the game in a web browser on your computer, both WatchESPN and Watch ABC allow you to do so, although the same restrictions apply.

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However, there are some streaming sites that allow you to watch live sports for free without any restrictions. One of the quite popular websites for this Stream2Watch. You can stream sports live on the site, including the NBA Finals.

However, one thing to be aware of is that such sites usually have a lot of ads, so it’s a good idea to take AdBlock Plus and let it do its thing. Ads can significantly hamper the viewing experience, so it’s always a good idea to have an ad blocker handy on these sites.

Also, you probably won’t get a great view, so don’t expect the best streaming quality from these streaming sites. Most don’t offer HD quality, so you’ll likely have to put up with a standard definition signal.

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