How to Watch March Madness Live on iPad and Follow Your Team

The NCAA tournament kicks off this week, and college basketball fans will want to watch March Madness on their workday or any time their favorite teams play, especially when away from home.

Apple iPad owners can use their iPad to watch games live or follow in-game scores or individual and post-game recaps. iPad also makes it easy to participate in a tournament by predicting the outcome of the tournament using one of the many NCAA bracket apps. Filling in the brackets is as easy as tapping the team’s name. There is no longer a need to erase and mark a printed bracket with a pen or pencil as we did in the old days.

To watch March Madness, we’re going to show users what apps they get from the App Store on their iPad. Next, we’ll list the best sports apps to use to follow news, scores, and in some cases, individual live texts during the game. Finally, see how to fill in the brackets using one of the many apps to predict the NCAA March Madness Final Four and the eventual champion.

Watch March Madness Live on iPad

The NCAA has addressed this issue on its own. NCAA March Madness Live App from Apple App Store. This app helps with all three ways to follow March Madness. The TV shows live games for people who log in with their service provider login. It also includes team and tournament news. Finally, users can join one group to another group and fill in a series of brackets.

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This app does not help users who want to watch but do not subscribe to cable or satellite TV provider. CBS has changed things and they will not allow the NCAA to show live games without logging into your provider account. This is the case with all apps and even the website.

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To watch live games on iPad, the user needs to use our old standby Slingbox for $15. Sling Player app.This is an expensive option. It might make more sense to find a friend and offer to pay their cable or satellite bills for a month to have them give you their login information.

Essential March Madness Apps for iPad

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If you can’t watch games live because you don’t want to pay for a TV subscription from your local cable or satellite company and don’t want to invest in a Slingbox just for March Madness, then follow along. points are the best alternative. Use these apps to do that.

The NCAA March Madness Live app will display results, but we prefer to use one of the sports apps listed below:

All of the apps listed above will do a great job of helping March Madness fans keep track of scores. If you only want to download one, get the ESPN app. It offers a live stream with in-game updates as games take place. Even if the user can watch it, they can read the game.

Don’t forget to take some time to read or watch analysis to find those dormant choices or upsets. This will help fans predict the outcome of the games in our next step to enjoy March Madness with an iPad.

Apps for March Madness Brackets

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We could list all the great apps to fill the March Madness brackets, but instead take a look at our dedicated article on the topic, posted here this week on Moyens I/O. It shows users how to find parentheses that they can print or fill on their mobile device, including the iPad. For those who also own an Android device, check out our post on how to watch it on Android.

Note that matches start with play-in games on Tuesday. Then the real action begins on Thursday, March 19th. Use one of the apps listed in the link above to predict who will win each game. Take them all and use different scenarios to fill in multiple versions of your braces. Then check back after each round to see how you’re doing.

Most of these apps allow users to play in a major public league, against your favorite team’s fans, or in a private group with your office buddies or friends.