How to Watch Apple Event Live on Windows

You can watch the Apple event live on Windows today, allowing you to use your cramped iPhone screen to watch the historic Apple event where we might see the iPhone 6, the iWatch, Apple’s connected home, a new iPad Air, and potentially more Apple. there is no need. announcements.

Update: How to Watch September 2015 Apple Event for iPhone 6s and iOS 9

There is an official Apple event live stream directly from Apple, so you don’t have to look for a pirated YouTube video, but it’s only good on Apple products.

In the summer Apple streamed to Windows PCs, but in September Apple returned to Safari on OS X and iOS only for live streaming.

Fortunately, there’s a trick that lets you watch the 2014 Apple event live on Windows PCs, so you don’t have to squint to see the new iPhone 6 and other devices on a tiny iPhone screen.

Watch the 2014 Apple event live stream on Windows.

The 2014 Apple event will take place on September 9 at 10am Pacific, 1pm East. This means you are probably watching at work where many users are on Windows PC.

We’ll show you how to watch the Apple Event live on a Windows PC with a free program that can show a live HD Apple stream from the event even if you’re not on Windows.

How to Watch Apple Event Live on Windows

This short guide will show you how to watch the September 9 Apple Event live on your Windows PC or Tablet. This can also work on Android with VLC player installed. If you’re trying to watch on a Mac, you only need to use Safari.

First you need to download VLC Player. This is a free app that can play many types of media, including Apple event live stream.

Install VLC and open a Network Stream.

Install VLC and open a Network Stream.

After you Download VLC Player install it and then open the app to see the screen above. Installation should take a few minutes, so it’s a good idea to do this before the Apple event.

When you open it and run it, you need to click on it. This allows you to paste the Apple event live stream so you can watch it.

Paste the URL into the box.

Paste the URL into the box.

You can test your setup using this sample Apple video shared as part of the instructions. reddit. When the September 9 Apple event live stream starts, you will need to paste the actual URL.

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Paste this URL to watch Apple Event live on Windows –

If this works, you will see video of a test image and hear audio. The actual Apple event live stream changes quality depending on your connection but should go up to 720p.

You will see a test video to let you know that everything is working.

You will see a test video to let you know that everything is working.

Currently, is referencing the Apple event livestream for Mac, iPhone, and iPad, but doesn’t allow you to watch the event on Windows, according to the disclaimer at the bottom of the screen.

Once the event starts, you can find the correct URL in this post or Reddit thread where other users are sure this works for the September event.

If you’re using Chrome, you can also install: VLC plugin and it should automatically detect the stream and play it in your browser from the Apple Event live stream page.

What to Expect at Apple Event

Announced on stage during the Apple event livestream, there are a few things Apple can count on. First of all, we expect to see rumors of a new iPhone 6. Two models with 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen sizes. It is possible that the new iPhone names will be iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. After months of rumors, we will finally know the iPhone 6 release date.

We also hope to learn about the iOS 8 release date and the latest features Apple has added to the new operating system. Search for a quick iOS 8 release date and pricing for iCloud Photo Library and other items.

There’s a very good chance we’ll see the iWatch announced, but rumors point to an iWatch release date in 2015, just in time for holiday shopping this year.

We could also see more details on an iPad Air 2, Apple’s connected home, and there’s always hope for a 6th-gen iPod touch, a new Apple TV, and a MacBook Air Retina. These last few items are possible as part of: date Apple announcement.