How to Watch Any MLB Game Live?

It’s that time of year again, as the weather begins to warm up and field teams begin preparing the fields for the start of the MLB regular season. If you’re interested in watching any of the games, here’s how to watch them on your computer or mobile device.

It seemed like yesterday when the MLB season ended in October, but it’s starting up once again. Spring practice games started about a month ago, but now the regular season is starting today in St. It’s time for the reality show, which kicked off with the Louis Cardinals beating the Chicago Cubs.

With spring training officially on the books, all MLB teams should be ready to go, given the fact that spring training is a chance to fine-tune their roster and hone last-minute skills for players before the season officially starts. . And now, the real season finally begins.

Here’s how to watch any MLB game live on TV, on your computer or mobile device.


If you’re interested in watching MLB games on your television, your options are extremely limited if you don’t have cable.

Most games are broadcast on cable channels like ESPN, TBS, and mostly local cable channels where you can watch your local team play most games. However, there will be one or two televised games on the weekends and if you don’t have cable, this is your best bet if you want to catch the most action.

Unlike football, baseball is a sport where you can’t watch a lot of games without cable because only a few of the 15 or 20 games a day are televised, but you can.

on your computer

MLB.TV It is currently the only official way to watch MLB games away from television, whether on your computer or mobile device.

mlb tv

The service allows you to watch baseball games live on your computer, but MLB.TV subscription for game streaming. this MLB.TV The premium package gives you full access to the MLB At Bat mobile app for free, as well as a choice between home and outdoor broadcast feeds. Plus, you’ll only pay $20 more for the entire season and still at least $110 for the entire season compared to the non-Premium version, so it’s a bargain upgrade.

Moreover MLB.TV The app on a variety of streaming devices, including Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation or Roku, so you can watch all the action on your television if you don’t want to deal with your laptop’s smaller screen.

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On Your Mobile Device

MLB At Bat is an app available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices, allowing you to watch live baseball games directly on your phone or tablet. The app itself is free to download, and the one-time $19.99 fee gives you access to all kinds of stats, highlights, replays, and more for the entire season. However, you will still need a separate subscription MLB.TV to stream games (Remember, MLB.TV Premium includes a free version of MLB At Bat).

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However, with a major complaint MLB.TV and MLB At Bat (as well as other live sports apps) have blackout restrictions, meaning you can’t watch if you live near the team you want to watch. It’s about getting more people to go to the stadium to watch the game instead of sitting at home and watching it on TV, and it’s also about broadcast licensing rights and a whole lot of other crap. It’s a smart move for the parties involved, but it’s really frustrating for us fans.

There are easy ways to circumvent blackout restrictions if you’re watching games on your iOS or Android device, but recent updates to MLB At Bat seem to block these methods, so your mileage may vary depending on how you set up your VPN and which VPN service you’re using.

There were also discussions about MLB. get rid of blackout restrictions, but nothing is official yet. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.