How to Use VLC Player on Amazon Fire TV Stick

VLC media player needs no introduction. It is the de facto choice to enjoy videos on phone or desktop. If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can install VLC Player on it too. Using VLC media player on Fire TV Stick, you can play videos from external storage, integrate other apps with VLC media player to play the content directly in the app.

VLC media player is free and supports all file formats including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MKV, H.264, WMV and MP3. You can also optimize audio and video playback by device and support integration with streaming services and IPTV providers. Read on to learn how to use VLC player on Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Install VLC Player on Amazon Fire TV Stick

VLC player is available on Amazon App Store. So the installation process is quite simple compared to side loading. Follow the steps below.

Note: In the example below we are using the new Fire OS UI on the Fire TV Stick. If you haven’t received the update, make sure to update the operating system to the latest version from the Settings app.

Stage 1: Visit the Fire TV Stick home.

Select the Find menu

Step 2: Go to the Find menu.

Stage 3: Select Search.

choose search

Step 4: Search for VLC player using the virtual keyboard or ask Alexa to search for VLC.

Step 5: Select VLC from the suggestions.

select vlc player

Step 6: Get to know the app with the famous orange colored traffic cone.

Step 7: Click Get from the menu below.

Step 8: In a minute or two, the Fire TV Stick will download the app.

open vlc

This much. You have successfully installed VLC media player on Fire TV Stick.

Fire OS is a fork based on Android. You can easily install VLC media player APK file on Fire TV Stick using Downloader app. However, since the app is officially available on the Amazon App Store, we recommend sticking with the app for a smooth app update process in the future.

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Put VLC Media Player on Home Screen

Chances are, you will use the VLC player quite a lot on Fire TV Stick. Instead of always going to the Apps menu to open the app, you can place it directly on the home screen.

With the new Fire TV Stick UI, users can only pin up to six apps to the home screen for easy access. Follow the steps below to put the VLC media player on the home screen.

Stage 1: Turn on Fire TV Stick.

Step 2: Long press the Home button on the Fire TV Stick remote.

Stage 3: Go to the Applications menu.

Select the application menu

Step 4: Scroll down to the VLC app.

select the vlc application

Step 5: Press the Option key on the remote.

select move

Step 6: Select Move from the side menu.

Step 7: Move the app to the top and hit OK.

Vlc moved to the top

Now you can easily access VLC media player directly from the home screen.

Why Do You Need to Install VLC Media Player on Fire TV Stick?

  • VLC media player allows you to play any photo, video or file on the device.

  • It is free with no paid features.

  • No annoying ads in the interface.

  • Many IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) apps allow you to choose VLC as the default media player. Using VLC as your external video player will also reduce ads in many apps and APKs.

VLC Player Overview

During startup, VLC media player will ask you to grant the corresponding permission to access all files and folders on the device. The app greets you on the home screen with five options – Video, Audio, Playlists, Browse and More.

vlc user interface

The Video, Audio, and Playlists menu is self-explanatory. The browse menu is an interesting addition. You can browse local files on the device, start streaming by adding the corresponding network address and even connect to a new server using FTP or SFTP details.

Vlc ftp on Firestick

You can also customize the video playback experience and subtitle appearance from the VLC settings menu. There is also the ability to play with the sound settings.

Vlc settings on Firestick

Its Advanced menu lets you clear the database cache to start from scratch. It is useful when you frequently encounter errors in the application.

Get Started with VLC Player on Fire TV Stick

VLC player remains unrivaled. A truly digital savior in the era we live in. The app has stayed true to its roots and continues to offer a unique video viewing experience across all operating systems. Go ahead, download it to Fire TV Stick and share your experience with VLC in the comments section below.

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