How to Use the Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will show you how to use the Galaxy S5 camera app to take better looking photos, lots of mods you need to know about the new camera app, and other tips and tricks.

Samsung Galaxy S5 users can access various photo options with the built-in camera app. Samsung is introducing a new interface that makes the camera easy to use, but if you’re upgrading from a Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4 or coming from an iPhone, the app can be a bit confusing to use.

We’ll go over the Galaxy S5 camera settings you need to know, a few tricks like using another Galaxy device as a remote viewfinder, and how to access all camera modes, some of which aren’t where you’d expect to find them. .

Learn how to use the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera to take better looking photos and use all the different modes.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a 16MP rear camera that can take photos faster than other Galaxy smartphones thanks to a new fast autofocus that users will notice as soon as they open the camera app and aim at an object. Users can also record 1080P video and 4k video with the Galaxy S5. 4K is a new higher resolution video format that’s getting some interest in newer HDTVs, but for most users it will shoot fine at 1080P.

Galaxy S5 Camera Tips and Tricks

Watch this four-minute Galaxy S5 camera video to review the various features and modes. In the sections below, we’ll provide more information on how to use each of these Galaxy S5 camera features.

Galaxy S5 Camera Basics and Features

When you open the Galaxy S5 Camera app, you will see the following screen with many different options. Here’s an explanation of what each of these display options does.

Learn the basics of using the Galaxy S5 Camera App.

Learn the basics of using the Galaxy S5 Camera App.

  1. Switch to the front-facing camera.
  2. Turn on Selective Focus without going to settings. This allows you to take a photo and select the focus later.
  3. Turn on HDR preview and HDR mode for richer colors.
  4. Access all Galaxy S5 camera settings.
  5. See which mod you’re using at a glance.
  6. See if location, voice control, or other options are turned on.
  7. Switch to video mode.
  8. To take photos.
  9. Choose a new mode to use.
  10. See the photos you have taken in the gallery.
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These are the ten core functions of the Camera app; You can tap anywhere on the screen to focus there and get the light reading from there. You can also pinch your fingers to zoom in on a photo, but it’s better to zoom in if possible.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Settings

There are many Galaxy S5 camera app settings to check and change to customize the experience. Here’s a quick rundown of the various settings and what you need to change right away. Note that not all of these settings are available for every mode, but most will work in Auto Mode.

Learn about Galaxy S5 settings.

Learn about Galaxy S5 settings.

  1. – Choose Resolution of Photos – Leave this at the highest setting unless you need to change it for personal preference.
  2. – Turn this on to hold down the shutter and take a series of photos as long as you hold the shutter down.
  3. This can help you take a clearer picture if your hands are shaking or you’re moving, but it can also slow focus. If you want the Galaxy S5 to focus faster, leave it until you need it.
  4. – With this, you can detect faces in your photo and focus on them and take a better looking photo.
  5. – If you want to control more of the shot, you can switch to a custom ISO or Metering mode.
  6. – Tap the screen to focus and take a photo immediately
  7. – This should really be in Modes, but it allows you to take a photo and then blue a background or foreground by choosing where to focus after taking the photo.
  8. – Choose the resolution for your videos, 1920 x 1080 is standard HD or tap this option to select 4K in UHD but keep in mind that larger resolution uses more storage.
  9. – Choose normal, slow motion, fast motion or smooth motion at 60 frames per second.
  10. – Turn this on to help stabilize your videos and eliminate judder and motion.
  11. – With this mode on, when you zoom in during a video, the Galaxy S5 will amplify the sound at the source and reduce surrounding noise.
  12. – Put live effects like Vignette, faded color or others on your photo before taking it.
  13. – Control when the flash fires.
  14. – Set 2.5 or 10 seconds to sort a photo you are in.
  15. – HDR on shows a live preview of an HDR photo. This combines multiple photos into a single photo for richer colors.
What the Galaxy S5 camera settings actually do.

What the Galaxy S5 camera settings actually do.

  1. – Tag your photos with the location where you took them.
  2. – Choose to store photos and videos on the phone or on a Micro SD card.
  3. – Flip this to see your photo right after you take it.
  4. – Connect to another Samsung device to use a phone to control the camera on another phone.
  5. – Choose your white balance suitable for your lighting.
  6. – Manually correct the exposure with plus or minus.
  7. – Turn on Grid lines in the Galaxy S5 camera app.
  8. – Turn off the shutter sound if you don’t want others to know that you’ve taken a photo.
  9. – Say Smile, Cheese, Snap or Take to take a photo and say Record Video to start recording with your voice.
  10. – Help explains these modes, and resetting returns everything to defaults.
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If you use some of these more than others, you can tap and hold to rearrange the Galaxy S5 camera settings icons to put your favorite options at the top of the screen.

Galaxy S5 Camera Mods

Choose the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera mode that suits your photo.

Choose the Samsung Galaxy S5 camera mode that suits your photo.

Tap the Mode button on the main Galaxy S5 camera to switch between modes. The best thing to do is to leave it automatically until you realize that you need to use a particular setting. With auto, the Galaxy S5 camera app will choose the right mode for your subject, from night mode or landscape to others.

– This mod applies airbrush effect to portraits to give a more beautiful portrait.

When you use Shot & More, you can select various modes after taking the photo.

When you use Shot & More, you can select various modes after taking the photo.

– This mode allows you to take a series of photos and then apply an effect immediately or later while editing. Contains five modes.

Hold the camera steady while taking the photo, then you will see a list of the above options that the camera can apply based on what it detects. You can also access this from the gallery by tapping the Edit icon of any photo taken in this mode to see the various options later. It’s a good idea to check this right after you take the photo, in case the photos don’t turn out the way you want. Some modes, such as Eraser and Drama shooting, are finicky.

– Take a panoramic photo with a very wide view.

– Create a scrolling and moving tour of a house or space by then taking animated photos in the gallery.

Use dual camera in Samsung Galaxy S5 camera app to enter photo.

Use dual camera in Samsung Galaxy S5 camera app to enter photo.

– Use both cameras to immerse yourself in the photo. Swipe up from the bottom edge to reveal other ways to frame the second camera and tap the frame to move around.

You can also tap the download on the right to download more modes such as Animated photo, Sound & Shot, Sports and Surround Capture to do more with the camera. After downloading more mods you will see them in the mod list and you can select and use them like the options above.