How to Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

iOS 14 is a major update for iPhone users that brings tons of obvious and hidden features. One such feature is the new Guides feature in Apple Maps, which aims to help users discover new places to eat, shop and explore when they visit a new city. To make this feature useful, Apple has partnered with third-party services, including Lonely Planet, Washington Post, AllTrails, and more. To ensure that the data in the Guides feature is comprehensive and up-to-date. In this article, I’ll show you how you can use the new Guides features in Apple Maps.

Note: The Guides feature is currently being phased out, so it’s not available in all cities (San Francisco, New York, London, and Los Angeles) at launch. Hopefully, Apple will be quick to add more cities so all users can take advantage of this feature.

Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

Using the guides feature on Apple maps is easy. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Launch Apple Maps and search for the city you plan to visit. Let’s say we want to explore San Francisco. Tap the name to select it.

2. Scroll up the page to view more information. If the city supports the guides feature, it will appear in a new “All Guides” section.

2. Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

3. Here you can swipe through the guide cards to see the most popular guides or tap the “See More” button to reveal all guides.

3. Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

4. When you find something you want to explore, tap it to view all the places mentioned in the guide on Maps. You can also scroll down to reveal a card view with details for all points mentioned in the guide.

4. Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

5. Apple Maps also lets you: save full guides or individual locations inside guides. Tap the “Save Guide” button to save the entire guide. For individual locations, tap the + button next to the location name.

5. Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

6. Tap the Save or + button and you will have the option to create your guide (or choose from the guides you have created). I like the option to create lists for personal contacts as it allows me to edit the contacts I have saved.

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6. Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

7. Finally, find all the guides you have saved by scrolling up the home page In the “My Guides” section of Apple Maps.

7. Use the New Guides Feature in Apple Maps

That’s it. Now you know how to use Guides in Apple Maps, so take advantage of it when this pandemic lets you.

Use Apple Maps Guides to Explore New Places

The new Guides feature in Apple Maps is an excellent resource for finding all of the best locations to explore when you visit a city. It can help you find less traveled spots, even in your city, if you don’t go out much.

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