How to Use the LG G4 Camera: Everything You Need to Know

This guide will tell users everything they need to know about the LG G4 camera and show you how to use the camera to its fullest to take the best photos and videos possible. You will learn all about LG G4 camera settings and advanced controls. some tips From LG itself. We’ll also show you our favorite LG G4 camera tips.

The LG G4 and its camera are the same across all carriers and versions around the world, so these details should apply to all G4 owners. And while some operators can change the appearance of the settings menu, all options should be the same worldwide.

Most of the time, taking a good-looking photo with your LG G4 is as simple as leaving the camera in auto mode or tweaking a few settings with your finger, as long as you know what everything is. We’ll go over all the settings and more below.

LG G4 owners will get one of the best and most capable smartphone cameras on the market. It features an advanced 16-megapixel f1.8 lens that shoots great in any situation, fast laser autofocus, and newly developed optical image stabilization to prevent photos from blurring. It all comes together to make this camera one of the best cameras around.

Below we’ll go through all the LG G4 camera settings and advanced controls, list what they are and where you can find them to improve your experience.

LG G4 Camera Tips and Tricks

By default, the LG G4 camera starts in auto mode, which has the usual settings and options for buttons to control the flash, switch to the front 8-megapixel lens, change modes (like panoramic or dual photo), as well as a general settings button. take photos, record videos, go to gallery and more.

However, LG has added two more mods that are worth knowing about. While in the camera app, tap the three dots in the top left and choose “Simple” or “Manual” to make things easier or give you full control. Simple mode removes everything and lets users tap the screen to focus and take a photo, leaving everything else to the device. Auto offers averaging options and controls that are best for most users, and manual mode gives control over white balance, manual focus controls, ISO levels, shutter speed, and even the option to take photos in RAW format as professionals use. For fine-tuning and editing photos on the computer.

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Before I list what all the buttons do, here are some options, settings and tricks available on the LG G4.

LG G4 Camera Basics and Features

Compared to some smartphones, the LG G4 is pretty basic even in normal mode. It doesn’t have as many settings as some, but that keeps things from getting too hard and complicated. Everything is simple and easy to understand, then there is the manual mode for professionals who really want it.

The photos and listings below summarize what each of the LG G4 camera buttons and options do.

G4 camera info

  1. Menu
  2. Flash – On, Auto, Off
  3. Switch to Front/Rear Camera
  4. Mode – Auto, Panorama, Dual (shoot with front and rear cameras simultaneously)
  5. Other Settings (6-10)
  6. HDR – On, Auto, Off
  7. Image Size and video settings
  8. Sound Shutter – Say Cheese, Smile, LG, Capture, Whiskey and more
  9. Delayed Shutter Timer – Off, 3 seconds, 10 seconds
  10. Grid View
  11. Camera Assist Tutorial (recommended reading)
  12. Gallery to view pictures
  13. Video record
  14. Take a photo
  15. Turn back

After pressing the gear-shaped settings button (5), you will be greeted with more options. Each of those shown above can be tapped for more options. Everything from changing HDR, adjusting image size, activating audio shutter controls, adding a timer and accessing video controls. This is where you can shoot 4K video, or even record slow motion video.

G4 camera video controls

The LG G4 also has an excellent 8-megapixel front camera. It’s better than many of the rear cameras on popular phones from last year, and it has a few options too. The same gear-shaped slider brings similar advanced options, timers, and the ability to take up to four photos in a row to capture the perfect shot. selfie.

Turning on the “flash” fully illuminates the screen to help add more light to the photo, or there is a “Beauty Shot” slider that will smooth skin and remove imperfections. It works great, but if it gets too high it can make men look like they’re wearing makeup. This feature works great around the middle mark, improving the skin tone of all faces in the photo.

LG G4 Camera Settings

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated menu outside of the camera app for changing and customizing camera settings, and everything is handled inside the camera app. Other devices let you choose the number of megapixels, mute the shutter sound, change quick launch controls, enable location, and more. However, none of these are available on the LG G4. What you see above is what you get. So, it’s all very simple and straightforward.

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To take things a step further, LG has an advanced manual mode that offers more features and controls than any other smartphone available. In manual mode, owners can control white balance, manual focus controls, ISO levels, shutter speed and even the option to shoot photos in RAW format. Here’s a video example of what some of these settings can do and how they compare to the Galaxy S6 and iPhone competition.

Here you will have absolute control over the LG G4 camera. The RAW format lets you take pictures and upload them to a computer for editing, and all the other controls are useful as well as long as you know how they work and what they do. Everything from increasing the white balance and ISO to get more lighting for the perfect photo indoors or out, or changing the shutter speed for capturing fast-moving subjects, or even making long shutter exposures for some of the smooth blurry photos usually reserved for professional cameras or DSLRs. ‘s.

Without trying to explain all this, here are some photos from the LG G4 Camera cheat sheet that explains everything in simple terms for owners to understand.

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.26.33 PM

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.26.44 PM

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.27.21 PM

Screenshot 2015-06-03 12.26.54 PM


As you can see, the LG G4 camera has a lot to offer, but for those who want to take photos for social networks and special moments, it is very simple. You can instantly launch the camera and take great photos, activate HDR mode to get all the highlights and shadows at once for the perfect photo, take a photo with your voice or go to manual for absolute control.

LG’s new camera is very fast, capable and powerful. All the information provided above should explain in detail what owners need to know, explain anything you don’t understand and also show you some tips with videos and information provided by LG.

The new LG G4 will be available today in select regions around the world and in all carriers in the United States during the first week of June. Read everything above and enjoy everything your LG G4 and its 16 megapixel camera has to offer.