How to Use the Keyboard with Apple TV

The remote that comes with your Apple TV is pretty handy for navigating the menus of Apple’s streaming box, but a keyboard can make the experience much easier. Here’s how to use the Apple Bluetooth keyboard with Apple TV.

Apple’s wireless keyboard comes standard with any new iMac you buy, and you can buy one separately. $69 at Apple Store So you can use it with your MacBook or upgrade your old Apple keyboard from an older iMac. However, did you know that it can also be used with an Apple TV?

Apple TV detects and supports the Apple wireless keyboard, making it easy to type in TV shows or movies when you’re looking for someone to watch, because you don’t have to go through tedious pecking with Apple. TV remote.

While you can use almost any Bluetooth keyboard with the Apple TV, we consider the company’s own keyboard to be the best, as it has a slim and compact aluminum design. You’ll also get the best compatibility with an Apple TV using an Apple keyboard.

Without further ado, here’s how to use the Bluetooth keyboard with your Apple TV and say goodbye to the Apple TV remote when it comes to typing TV shows and movies.

Using a Keyboard with Apple TV

Once you have a Bluetooth keyboard and your Apple TV starts up, just follow these simple steps:

First, open your keyboard and make sure it’s discoverable. A flashing green light on the Apple keyboard indicates that the keyboard is in discoverable mode and ready to be paired with the Apple TV.

Then go to on your Apple TV.

appletv_bluetooth copy

Your keyboard should appear in the list, so select it using your Apple TV remote and then enter the four-digit code that appears on your keyboard on the screen. hit .

bluetooth_pairing copy

From there, your keyboard will be paired with your Apple TV and you can start navigating the menus using the keyboard and it will make searching a lot easier as you can easily type a TV show or movie in the search box. Without having to rely on the Apple TV remote.

To navigate menus using the keyboard, you can use the arrow keys to navigate the selector and then press to select something. To go back, just press the key.

You can also use the media controls at the top of the keyboard to play/pause content or go to the next/previous song or chapter.

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Unfortunately, Apple TV’s Bluetooth features are only for using a Bluetooth keyboard and setting up the Apple TV when you first get it. If you have a third-generation Apple TV and an iOS device running iOS 7 or later (but must be an iPhone 4s or later, third-generation iPad or later, iPad mini, or fifth-generation iPod Touch), manually in the onscreen menus You can set up your Apple TV the easy way without having to navigate.


All you have to do is place your iPhone or iPad on top of the Apple TV and it will automatically detect the installation. We’re not entirely sure how it detects the contact as it only uses Bluetooth, but we guess it could use technology similar to the Bump app, where both devices simultaneously detect a bump and pair them automatically. .

In any case, this will open a popup where you will enter your Apple ID credentials. From this point on, you can get your iOS device back and it no longer needs to sit on top of the Apple TV unit. Enter your Apple ID information and continue with the setup instructions.