How to Use TetherMe on Your iPhone

Here’s how to use TetherMe on your iPhone to connect your jailbroken iPhone to your laptop.

On most major US carriers, you can get a tethering plan (or a hotspot plan) that lets you use your data connection from your smartphone on your laptop if you don’t have a WiFi connection.

A feature like this is really handy because while with LTE you can access the internet from your smartphone pretty much anywhere, the same cannot be said for most laptops, but tethering allows you to give your laptop LTE data capabilities. mobile device.

One of the biggest drawbacks, however, is the cost of these tethering plans, with a hefty $20 per month on top of what you’ve already paid for cell phone service. This isn’t possible for most customers, especially if you don’t use tethering that often.

The good news is that if your iPhone is jailbroken, you can use an app that lets you tether without paying for a tethering plan from your carrier. A Cydia tweak called TetherMe mimics tethering on your iPhone to make it look like the data used is coming from your iPhone and not your connected laptop.

Here’s how to set up and use TetherMe on your iPhone.

Setting up TetherMe

TetherMe can be found by opening Cydia and searching for “TetherMe” in the bottom-right tab. It can also be found on Cydia’s homepage, which you can tap on to go to the tweak page.

From there, tap in the upper right corner. TetherMe costs a few dollars, but that’s far less than you would spend on a tethering plan from your carrier. If you have already purchased TetherMe, it will write in the upper right corner and if you have already installed .

In any case, if you haven’t, follow the onscreen instructions to easily install it on your iPhone – it only takes a few minutes at most.

Once TetherMe is installed it is ready to use and you can run it whenever you need to connect your iPhone to your laptop.

Using TetherMe

TetherMe can be accessed from the Settings app and scrolled down until you see it in the list. From there, tap Personal Hotspot and then tap the toggle switch next to Personal Hotspot on the next page that opens.


The passkey will turn green and you are ready to connect.

Go to the WiFi settings of your laptop where you normally connect to a WiFi network and search for your iPhone in the list of WiFi networks to connect.

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There are a few other settings in TetherMe that you’ll probably never need to mess with, but it’s important to at least know what they are and what they do.

It allows you to change where the data shared from your iPhone comes from. For example, you can connect your iPhone to WiFi and then to your laptop via USB and share your iPhone’s connection with your laptop, so if your laptop has broken WiFi, you can use your iPhone to provide some sort of WiFi capability to your laptop. . It’s a pretty niche feature, so you probably won’t really need to use it.


This feature is for when you tether using WiFi. Normally your iPhone should stay in the Personal Hotspot menu, otherwise if it doesn’t detect any traffic after a few minutes, it will shut down. You can enable it to prevent this from happening.

This is a menu you’ll probably never need to tap and probably shouldn’t, but it’s essentially where your carrier’s information resides, which makes TetherMe work as it is – tricking your data connection into thinking your laptop’s internet traffic is coming from your iPhone.

Of course, TetherMe isn’t completely foolproof. Many users said that AT&T can still detect when you’re tethering, but Verizon seems to be okay with that for now. Use TetherMe only at your own risk.