How to Use Siri with Spotify on iPhone and iPad

As someone deep inside the Apple ecosystem, I found it really difficult to look beyond Apple Music for a seamless music streaming experience across iDevices including iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, HomePod and more. But that doesn’t mean my commitment to Spotify has waned. So, while Spotify’s series of sensational allegations against the iPhone maker didn’t impress me, I found plenty of justification in these accusations, including the allegation that Apple deliberately blocked Siri from being implemented by competing music apps. suppressing competition. As an iOS user, I’ve always wanted to use Spotify with Siri on iPhone and iPad for an enhanced music streaming experience. Therefore, I’m glad to see it finally come true. To give it a chance though? Let’s adapt to it now!

Stream Spotify Music Using Siri on iPhone and iPad

When dealing with a new feature like this it’s always better to clear all doubts first.

So How Do You Get Started?

Streaming Spotify music with Siri on iOS has become quite simple as Apple finally allows third-party music apps to integrate with the virtual assistant. Without going into the debate whether the tech giant did it because of the heat of the huge claims, I can say that the company should have allowed the virtual assistant to work with third-party music applications much earlier.

Apple somewhat hindered the development of the virtual assistant by keeping Siri out of reach of third-party music apps, and also forced iOS users to choose Apple Music if they wanted to play music using voice commands. From a business standpoint, it was a smart maneuver. But was it a good strategy in terms of user experience (forget the competition)? No, I do not think so. Certainly not from the high podium that Apple often talks about!

Integration with third-party music apps not only improves the user experience but also makes the personal assistant more functional. As for the process, it’s as simple as it gets, thanks to a simple toggle that can be turned on or off from the Settings app.

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Is There a Catch?

Yes, just a little. For starters, your device should be running iOS 13 with the latest version of Spotify. Second, you must end each of your commands with “From Spotify/On” so that Siri can figure out which service to access. If you don’t add Spotify at the end of the command, it will start playing Apple Music by default. Yes, you guessed it! There is still a hook; albeit tiny.

What If Your Device Is Not Running iOS 13?

While you may not get a full-fledged streaming experience, there is a way to use Siri to play Spotify music on iOS. So, if you are using an older version of iOS like iOS 12, you can use Siri Shortcuts to play songs using voice. We explain these steps in the next section. Now that all the clouds have dissipated, it’s time to take the steps!

Set Siri to Play Spotify Music on iOS

1. Start Settings On your iOS or iPadOS device.

2. Scroll down and select Spotify.

Tap Spotify

3. On the next screen, select . Siri and Search.

Tap on Siri & Search

4. Now, open the switch called. “Use with Ask Siri”. Next, exit the Settings app.

Use with Ask Siri

Note: You can also use Siri with other music apps like Pandora, provided they have added support for Apple’s virtual assistant. open to check Use with Settings app > music app > Ask Siri.

Playing Spotify Music Using Siri

As I said above, you should add “On/From Spotify” At the end of each command to play Spotify music using Siri For example, you can say something like, “Hey Siri, play my workout list on Spotify.” “Hey Siri, play Justin Bieber songs on Spotify.”

Play Spotify music with Siri

Note that you can also use Siri for Play podcasts on Spotify, ask what is currently playing and even control media settings e.g. increase/decrease volume, skip track and play/pause music.

How to Use Siri Shortcut to Play Spotify Music

There is a Siri shortcut called “Spotify Siri” that can let you play Spotify music on your iOS device. So try it if your device is not compatible with iOS 13. Make sure you have the Shortcuts app installed (Freerequires iOS 12 or later on your device). Next, tap on this link To add the Spotify Siri shortcut to your library.

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Shortcut Spotify Siri

After that open the Shortcuts app and go to your library. Next, launch the Spotify Siri shortcut and tap the three dots. Now, tap the settings button in the top right and tap Add to Siri to record your phrase. From now on you can activate Siri and speak the shortcut phrase. Then the virtual assistant will open the Shortcut showing a box with dictation text. Simply sing the song you want to play and you’re ready to go.

Stream Spotify Music Using Siri on iOS

So, this is how you can play Spotify music using Apple’s virtual assistant on your iOS device. From a user’s perspective, I think this is a great move. And I’m sure many music lovers will benefit from it. What do you think about that? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts. Also, check out other new Siri features introduced in iOS 13, such as the option to disable Siri voice recording and delete dictation history.