How to Use Samsung Secure Folder on Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ can protect private photos, apps and more in a secure folder. This secure folder is easy to use and can help keep sensitive information safe. In this guide, you will learn how to use the secure folder of the Galaxy S8 and get the most out of it.

Galaxy S8’s secure folder uses Samsung’s Knox security platformEncrypting data impossible to recover without iris scan, face scan, fingerprint scan or PIN code. This is an added layer of security on top of the PIN or any other method you use to sign in to the phone itself.

If you take or store private photos or videos on your Galaxy S8, it’s a good idea to use the secure folder. It’s also a safe place to store sensitive information such as bank statements, loan applications, and tax returns that you may need to access on the go from time to time.

While there are several third-party apps and services for protecting files and photos, Samsung’s secure folder is built into the S8 and can do one thing the others can’t: hide all apps. You don’t want your friends or family to launch social apps like Snapchat and dating apps like Tinder while you borrow your phone or scroll through recent pictures.

How to Use Galaxy S8 Secure Folder

Users can now open the app and press the button to easily or manually move the content to the secure folder. Then, as we mentioned above, you can choose to hide an app or install it twice. Yes, it’s like having two Facebook accounts, one of which is hidden.

By default, users will see a secondary camera and gallery app, allowing you to quickly snap photos that are hidden and safe instantly. Rather than manually moving them later.

Customize the Secure Folder

We can then customize the name and icon, as something called a “Secure Folder” looks rather suspicious. This is so you don’t look like you’re hiding anything. Name it Holidays, Games or anything.

Additionally, Samsung has an option to remove this folder from the home screen so it’s only available in the settings menu. Or move the top notification popup bar to quick access apps.

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Once inside the Secure Folder, tap the menu key at the top right. Go in and customize it according to your needs or for more privacy.

Last but not least, it is a secure cloud-based backup option. If enabled in settings, everything inside the secure folder will be backed up to your Samsung Account. It can be retrieved at any time in case of loss, theft, or an upgrade to a new device at a later date.

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