How to Use Picture in Picture Mode in iOS 14

After several years of waiting, Apple has finally listened to the wishes of iOS users looking for a full-fledged Picture-in-Picture mode on the iPhone. Even though Apple introduced PiP mode on iPad in iOS 9 at WWDC 2015, the company wasn’t keen on bringing it to the iPhone for best known reasons. Now that it’s finally graced the iPhone, let’s dive right in to learn how you can use Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS 14!

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in iOS 14

I know many of you may be quite familiar with PiP mode as they have been for years. As is usually the case, there may be a handful of iOS users who may not have encountered this multitasking feature. Therefore, it would be appropriate to get the basics out of the way first.

What is Picture-in-Picture Mode in iOS 14?

Picture-in-Picture playback is a multitasking feature designed to let you watch your favorite video while performing other tasks such as web browsing, messaging or taking notes. Imagine watching an exciting movie and suddenly an important message arrives in your inbox.

Now, you want to reply to the message, but you don’t want to stop your excessive watching. Wouldn’t you rather run both tasks at the same time? Most likely, you would. This is where the PiP mod, aka scrolling video, has a role to play.

PiP lets you play a video in an animated, resizable window where you can float over the apps on the screen. So you can easily hit two birds with one stone!

iPhone Apps that Support PiP Mode in iOS 14

Currently, there are only a few apps that support Picture-in-Picture mode in iOS 14. These – Safari, Apple TV, Podcasts, FaceTime, Music App, Home, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix.

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I guess many of you are wondering if iOS 14 PiP mod works with YouTube. The video sharing app supports the latest iteration of iOS, but there’s one problem. As of now, Google’s video sharing platform only works through Safari. It’s worth noting that only YouTube Premium subscribers can stream the audio of a YouTube video on iOS in the background.

However, considering how popular the video-sharing platform is among iPhone users, there’s no need to lose sleep as Google may add support for iOS 14 soon. So keep your fingers crossed.

How to Enable PiP Mode in iOS 14 on iPhone

PiP mode is enabled by default to provide a smooth experience. So the next time you want to browse the web while still capturing your favorite action, you can start using this multitasking feature right away.

1. Start to get started a supported app.

2. Now play your favorite video. In this guide, I use Safari As it supports PiP on iOS. After playing the video, tap on it. full screen button.

Tap the full screen button

3. Most supported video apps feature a PiP button You can tap on it to enable PiP mode on your iOS 14 device. Also, the video is automatically minimized when you go to your iPhone’s Home screen.

(On an iPhone with Face ID, swipe up from the Home bar to go to the Home screen. On an iPhone with Touch ID, press the Home button.)

Tap the PiP button

4. Now you can drag the PiP video to the corners you want and continue the task.

Click on PiP mode video

Depending on your needs, you can customize the PiP video and even hide it when you see it interrupting your task.

Resize Your PiP Video

Once in PiP mode, you can not only drag in the corners you want, but also resize them. By doing so, use two fingers (pinch/pinch) to expand and reduce the size.

Video Forward/Backward and Pause

You can adjust the speed and even pause the video while playing the video in PiP mode on your iOS 14 device. Tap the forward/backward button for 15 seconds to go back and forth to fine-tune the speed. Press the play button to pause the video. Tap the replay button to start the video.

Back and forth

Return to Full Screen

If you want to go back to full screen, press the PiP mode button in the upper right corner of the floating video.

Click the PiP button

Hide PiP Video

While watching the video in PiP mode, if you find the video interrupting your activity, you can easily hide it. Just swipe the scrolling video to the left or right edge of the screen. You can still listen to the audio even when the video is hidden.

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Hide PiP video

Show PiP Video

Anytime you want to show the PiP video, you can do so easily. To remove it, simply touch the small handle.

Tap the PiP handle

Turn off PiP Video

If you don’t want to watch the video anymore, tap the “X” button in the upper left corner of the floating window.

Click the remove button

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Use YouTube Picture-in-Picture Mode on iOS

As mentioned above, the YouTube app does not support PiP mode on iOS. However, you can play via Safari. Simply, open Safari -> -> play a video -> tap the full screen button -> go to the Home screen of your iOS device.

How Do I Activate PiP on WhatsApp?

If you’re talking about using PiP within WhatsApp, it already works. But if you want to use Right PiP WhatsApp on home screen, it currently does not support. But given the popularity of this awesome playback mode, we expect the messaging app to kick in when the official version of iOS 14 comes out.

Get the Most Out of PiP Mode in iOS 14

So you can make the most of Picture-in-Picture mode on your iOS device to enhance the multitasking experience. Currently, there are only a few apps that support PiP playback. But I expect most video apps to get support this fall. Packed with a host of great features like Back Tap and App Library, iOS 14 has received huge fan praise. How about this latest iteration of iOS? Do not hesitate to share your valuable thoughts with us.