How to Use Personal Hotspot on HTC One

There’s nothing more helpful than having mobile internet access when you need it, especially if the internet connection you rely on for emailing and surfing isn’t working. Enabling personal hotspot on HTC One is as simple as pressing a few buttons.

It’s worth noting that while every HTC mobile has the hotspot functionality, whether it’s enabled or not depends on the service plan you decide on when you buy the device. For example, mobile hotspot functionality is available as an add-on to devices shipped to T-Mobile users, but AT&T users should have chosen a plan that already includes this functionality.

If you want to use the feature but don’t have a plan with your carrier that allows you to do so, you can add hotspot functionality at any time via your carrier’s website or support line. Here’s how to use personal hotspot on HTC One.

From the Home Screen or any app you open, swipe down from notification bar at the top of the screen

htc_one_personal_hotspot_how_to (2)

In the notification menu tap the gear icon in the upper right corner of the notification area

htc_one_personal_hotspot_how_to (3)

in the settings menu tap ‘more’ It’s under wireless and network settings.

htc_one_personal_hotspot_how_to (4)

Tap on ‘Mobile network sharing’.

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HTC One users can choose which settings they want to enable when using the personal hotspot feature on HTC One from the Mobile network sharing menu. Options include the ability to share HTC One’s mobile internet connection using a wireless Bluetooth connection, over a Wi-Fi connection, or using a physical connection via the micro USB port on the bottom of the device.

To use wireless tethering over Bluetooth, simply tap on the ‘Bluetooth tethering’ option and connect to the device’s Bluetooth on your device’s tablet or smartphone.

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To turn on hotspot sharing, Tap on ‘Mobile Hotspot’. Next, you need to connect to the device using the default mobile hotspot settings that came with your device.

Tap ‘mobile hotspot settings’ to view or change The ID and password your device will use to connect to the mobile hotspot internet connection broadcast from your HTC One. You don’t need to change them as the default setting will work just fine. But if you need to enter the information on another device, it will always be easily accessible from here.

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Connect to your HTC One’s Mobile hotspot using the wifi settings on your device. In our example, we’re using Windows 8. Notice the HTC One 86 wireless network that appears in our wifi settings on the right. The way you connect your device will depend on the device itself.