How to Use Personal Hotspot in iOS 7

iOS 7 offers quick access to the iPhone hotspot feature, which allows users to share the iPhone’s cellular connection with other WiFi devices such as an iPad, laptop, or gaming system.

While iOS 7 personal hotspot is similar to previous versions, there are some minor improvements that users will appreciate, including a new indication of how many users are on the hotspot and quick access to turn on iPhone hotspot in iOS 7.

To use an iPhone or iPad personal hotspot, users will need a device that supports it, such as an iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, or an iPad with 3G or LTE connectivity. Users will also need a plan that supports using their iPhone 5s as a personal hotspot. Most shared data plans include iPhone personal hotspot support at the base price, users on individual and unlimited data plans will have to pay extra for features.

Users who used iPhone as personal hotspot in iOS 7 can now see how much data they use on iPhone as personal hotspot; This is important because it’s easier to use data faster when connecting a laptop to an iPhone 5s or iPad.

A lingering issue with iOS 7 hotspot is that sometimes a computer does not see the iPhone’s hotspot in the list of network options. In that case, try toggling WiFi on or off or plugging in via USB.

How to Turn on Personal Hotspot in iOS 7

1. Tap on the iPhone home screen.

2. Tap on it if you see it as a 5th line item. If there is no option there and then .

iOS 7 personal hotspot guide.

3. Once you use the iPhone personal hotspot, it will appear on the main Settings screen for faster access.

4. appears in green in the left slider area.

Change personal hotspot settings on iOS.

Change personal hotspot settings on iOS.

5. On the iOS 7 personal hotspot settings page, you can also change the WiFi password to something easier to remember. This is also the place to switch if you want to share with your friends on a trip, but not every time you get together. .

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iOS 7 shows how many devices are connected on the lock screen.

iOS 7 shows how many devices are connected on the lock screen.

6. Now on a laptop or other device and . If you plan to connect via Bluetooth or USB, some configuration may be required.

When using the iPhone as a personal hotspot in iOS 7, a small indicator bar will appear below the status bar and the status bar will appear blue when locked. On the lock screen, the status bar now shows a connection icon next to a small number that tells users how many devices are connected to the iPhone. iPhone can connect up to five devices to the hotspot.

iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad 3 and iPad mini 2 users can enjoy higher LTE speeds that rival home internet connections.